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7 Tips to Follow When You Are
Feeling Under the Weather 

So with allergies, cold, the flu and now corona, sometimes you don't know what's what.  Am I right?  So many symptoms cross over, it's just simply hard to tell sometimes what you're actually dealing with it. 

Take it from me.  I can definitely relate since I'm a yearly allergy sufferer.  And with new symptoms being added every week to the corona list, it has so many people scratching their heads.  

So here are 7 things that I do when I feel like I'm coming down with something. Shoo sickness shoo! 

1. Drink Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. It has to be bring Braggs though with the Mother.  What's the mother? It's the stringy stuff that you'll see but that's where all of the nutrients are.  Braggs ACV is the best for fighting inflammation. 

I actually starting back drinking this every morning - 2 teaspoons in 8oz of water.  But I increase my intake when I'm feeling like something is coming on and drink it throughout the day.  I either put in hot water or add it to my lemon tea with honey. Some people prefer it in their tea instead of plain water.  It's definitely an acquired test but I'm use to it.  

I picked up a Bragg's book as well from our local Wegman's that has all types of great information on how to combat certain ailments with Braggs.  Such a great read! 

2. Reach for the lemons.  If you don't have Bragg's ACV in your cabinet but have lemons, definitely have yourself a squeeze of lemon with warm water and honey. They are great source of vitamin C and wonderful antioxidants.  

I'll either have lemon and honey or I'll add lemon to my ACV tea.  Or if I'm having my Bigelow lemon tea, I'll add more lemon to it for the extra boost.   

3. Take Supplements.  I enjoy taking supplements because they give my body an extra bit of boost of protection.  My favorites ones to take are probiotics, Vitamin D, B-complex, Calcium and Fish Oils. 

Everyone is different, so you'll need to figure out which ones will benefit you.  You may have to speak to your doctor to determine the essential ones needed. 

4. Put down the cold drink.  Haha, yes you heard me.  If your body is going through something, the last thing that it needs is a cold beverage.  Settle for room temperature or warm beverages.  Increase your intake of warm teas and hot soup.

When you're feeling under the weather, your body is mostly likely experiencing some type of inflammation, which means your mucus production has increased.  Cold beverages solidifies the mucus and we do not want that.  The mucus needs to come out and the best thing is to drink as many warm beverages throughout the day that you can to fight whatever your body is going through.  

5. STAY HYDRATED.  Drink plenty of water.  Water thins the mucus and helps the body to pass it better.  Flush that stuff out! 

6.  Refrain from eating dairy and caffeine.  These are two things that I have not touched in awhile.  And it's so important to stay away from them especially if you're starting not to feel well.

They are considered natural inflammatories, which means that they are natural mucus producers.  And that's one thing that our bodies are trying to get rid of.  So definitely stay away.  

7. Get yourself a neti pot!! OMG!  The neti who? Haha.. This is the best inexpensive invention for helping the body to rid mucus.  I use around allergy seasons or when I've encountered an allergen (environmental or food) that has caused congestion.  

It's great for flushing out the nasal cavities, so that the mucus doesn't stay and fester.  And sometimes, in my case I cannot get all of the mucus out by just blowing my nose.  Sometimes, there's a feeling of it being stuck in my ear, which is where the neti pot comes in.  Also, great for post nasal drip! 

If you want to learn more about the neti pot, I have another website that talks more about it over there.  

Bonus Tips

1. Think about what you have eaten or have come in contact with last few days.  Your body could be reacting to an allergen in a new product or food which has happened to me.  Once you stop the eating the food or using the product, keep in mind that it'll take about a week or so for it to completely clear from your body. 

2. Try Acupressure!  I absolutely love this and it works but you have to stay consistent and be patient.  There are so many areas of the body that you can apply pressure and receive wonderful results.  It's such a great benefit! 

3. I love to use a product called Xlear. (Pictured here with the neti) It's natural and great to use when I'm feeling stuffy.  Annnnd, it's non-habit forming.  Super! 

Comment below if you do any of these. I would love to hear! 

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