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Connecting With Your Teenager - Sweet, Cool, Authentic Ways

Kids and I on birthday

Beautiful Atrium in National Portrait Gallery, D.C. on my 45th birthday

Connecting with your teenager can be a bit challenging at times but the good news is that there are some sweet, cool ways to authentically connect with your teen.  

I have two, 13 and 16 and I must say that though this phase of their lives can come with their own set of challenges, I would not trade this phase for anything in the world. 

I think it's all about embracing each phase of their lives, from birth on up, and learning the lessons that come with each phase.

So here are some sweet, cool ways when connecting with your teenager.  

10 + Sweet, Cool Ways for Connecting with Your Teenager

1. HAVE A MOVIE MARATHON - Pop some popcorn, grab some snacks and watch movies together.  It's very fun and can be a great way to bond.

My 13 year old daughter and I did just that.  We had a Disney marathon.  We even camped out in the basement for the night which was even more fun.  

Of course the movies do not have to be Disney but choose something that you'll both enjoy.  

2. DANCE/LISTEN TO MUSIC  - Have a vibing session with your teen could be exactly what you need to create some sweet memories.  

You could take turns playing each others' favorite tunes.  Old school vs new school.  You could play song trivia on Amazon Alexa. Or you can put on your Airpods and jam out to your own music but in the same room.

Ha, my daughter and I actually did that one time.  She was dancing to her own beat and I was dancing to mine.  

3. DREAM TOGETHER  - Absolutely! Why not!  Dreaming is soo fun and why not do it together.  Have your teen share some things he/she would like to do/accomplish and you can do the same.  

There's no dream too big either! Just go for it and have fun with it.  You could even partake in a fun project by individually building vision boards to capture your dreams.  

4. PLAY A GAME - There's ton of two player games that you can play together.  Make it a weekly tradition and take turns on who gets to pick the game.  

There are even two player games that you can play on your iphone called Game Pigeon.  It has ton of games to choose from like basketball, darts and others. 

5. READ TOGETHER - My daughter and I mostly do this one but I still try to squeeze some time in with my son even though he may feel a bit annoyed 😆 

Now I'm not talking about reading chapter books like when they were smaller instead we are reading affirmations and inspirational lessons.  However, if chapter books is something that you and your teen would like to read together then so be it.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

We tend to read at night right before going to bed which provides a nice, relaxed feeling which is comforting.    

6. TEXT your teen nice messages of how proud you are of them.  Find inspirational quotes to send or send him/her a nice compliment.  Let your teen know how proud you are of him/her.  

Try to send it when they least expect it.  

I have had my fair share of moments with my teens.  You know... those situations where you are bumping heads or your teen is doing things that you quite do not understand.  And sometimes these moments can happen when they are heading out to school in the morning....not the ideal way to start the day but it I right.  

But what I have learned to do, is to send a text before the morning gets away from me to say...hey, I know we did not see eye to eye but it's okay, we will get through it.  I love you and proud of you.  

Sometimes that's all they need to hear to know that this is just a moment of not seeing eye to eye and not an eternity.  

As I have grown into life, I have learned to do the opposite of what my parents might have approached the situation and do it in a way that I would have appreciated more as a teenager.  That is true growth...ya'll! 

7. TALK ABOUT DIFFICULT TOPICS - Discuss challenging topics with your teen.  Ask them how they feel as well as their opinions on the topic.  Be open.  Think about the topics that your parents never had with you and make it a habit to have pop up discussions with your teens.  

The more you have those challenging conversations, the more connected to your teen you will be.  

8. WATCH TV - What is your teen watching these days?  Ok, I get it if you just cannot watch certain shows but there may be a compromise or something that you would not mind watching with your teen.  

This shows that you are interested in what they are interested in which makes for a beautiful connection. 

10. LET YOUR TEEN CHOOSE - Be willing to allow your teen to choose.  Whether it is the dinner choice, how to approach something, sports, etc.  Allowing your teen to choose helps promotes independence and the independence that he/she feel will create even more closeness with you.  

I know it sounds a bit opposite but it is true.  

11. BE SILLY - Have fun, be silly and try not to always take life so seriously.  It is okay to joke with each other as long as boundaries are not being crossed.  

If so, then just have a quick chat on why something was not appropriate and then move on.  

12. EMPATHIZE - As we raise teens, it is important to remember that they have feelings and their feelings are very valid.  

When they are going through something, instead of talking and trying to resolve the issue as a parent, just simply listening and acknowledging their feelings are all that is needed.  

13. HAVE DINNER TOGETHER - As a family, make a point to eat together.  I completely get that activities may get in the way of that during the week.  We do not always sit at the table together but always make an effort more than not to always sit at the table.  It is a connected family affair where we can chat about our day, school, fun activities coming up, etc.  

It is simply another way we have to connect with our teens which is special.  

Connecting With Your Teenager Recap 

Connecting with your teenager is something that we all strive to I right?  And it can be difficult at times but the good news is that there are ton of things we can do as parents to make that connection a reality.  It make take a few tweaks here and there but at the end of the day sooo worth it.  

I hope these tips have helped you and your teen in some way and have sparked wanting to connect even more.  

Comment which is your favorite tip or what is a tip that you recommend to connect with your teen? 

If you're looking for other tips to connect with your teen, peruse these wonderful tips by the Child Mind Institute.  

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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