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Fashion on a Budget 

Beautiful fashion on a budget is not as hard to achieve as many people think.  The key is to DO YOU when it comes to style and not to try to mimic others when it comes to fashion.  NO need to keep up with all of the current fashion fads either because they will soon fade.

  • Consignment shopping is a great option for finding beautiful clothes on a budget.  You can find many fashion brands at a fraction of the price.  
  • Shopping your closet is another way to stay on a budget because you’re using the same clothes that you have not worn in a minute by remixing them a bit.  You can remix them by adding accessories like a belt, a cardigan, a scarf and/or hat.  Switching up your shoes is a great way to turn the same outfit into a completely different look.  It’s all about using your imagination and getting creative with the items that you already own.  Have fun with it.
  • Always go for the clearance rack first to see if you can find what you are looking for there.  You may be surprised at what you’ll find.  I’ve been able to find many items priced as low as $8.  

I found this red summer dress at Target and have been able to wear it in all seasons. Just add layers. 

Spring Look

Winter/Fall Look

More Fashion on a Budget Tips

  • Look for versatile items that you can easily transform into fall or winter looks.  This way you’ll make your items go a long way.   
  • When shopping online, use cashback websites like Rakuten to make your dollar go a long way.  Do it throughout the year and use your cashback rewards for holiday shopping.  Win! 
  • If you’re looking for high fashion brand items, check out websites like Gilt.  Stores like Nordstrom Rack are always great for finding high priced items at a fraction of a cost too.
  • Purchase staple pieces that you’ll always wear like  cardigans, blazers, a pair of slacks, a pair of jeans and a skirt. You can always mix and match too.  
  • Many stores have Apps where you can earn points to receive cash rewards.  Sometimes you can receive a certain percentage off if you’re signing up for the first time.  Nordstrom Rack gives 10% when you first sign up which is a awesome for fashion on a budget.
  • Trying items like swimsuit coverups, scarves, hats and belts to jazz up the clothes you already have. 
  •  Become an influencer! There are many brands who send clothes to influencers for FREE.  I have received tons of beautiful items from being an influencer.  It’s such a fun experience.  

I hope these fashion on a budget tips have helped you.  I hope that you find some good fashion deals really soon.  Woohoo! 

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