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I'm someone who always look at the glass half full, a lover of life and believes that dreams come true.  Well, I just don't actually believe it, I'm experiencing that too and it's a true blessing. I thank God and the Universe for all of my blessings. 

I'm an Army veteran, Army spouse of 20 years, married to my high school sweetheart and former stay at home mom raising two amazing teenagers. 

I'm also a model/actress and a full time Government employee.  Through practicing intentional manifesting, I recently signed with my 2nd reputable modeling/talent agency which is something that I've been truly manifesting for a minute.  

I also recently started a new job with a promotion as well and yes, through intentional manifesting!  It takes some practice as any thing else but so worth it. 

I love to share tips on manifesting, organization, family, fashion and simply staying positive.  I'm a firm believer that a positive mindset and intentional thinking will not only change your circumstance but also change your life.  

I hope that you enjoy reading and perusing my site because I absolutely love to write and share. Feel free to connect with me on my other social sites too.  I hope to see you there.

Cheers to a happy, beautiful, positive life.



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Hello Sister Friend, I'm Verronica.  Welcome to my online home. I share tips on manifesting, lifestyle and life over 40. I provide tips that will help you get out of your way and create the life that you truly desire. Learn more. 

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