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How to Find Happiness Within 

What does being happy look like one may ask? Well honestly, it depends on the individual. One person’s happy can look very different from the next.  The question really is how do you get to happy, that happy place that brings you the purest joy. 

First and foremost, being happy always starts within.  It should never be based on external factors because you will always be searching for that particular thing.  

I am sharing 7 tips of what I do that will hopefully help you get back to happy.   

1. Meditate- I have been meditating for a little while now.  I can’t say that I’m perfect at it because I’m not but it does help me to slow down for a little while, wether it’s 3 minutes, 5 minutes, etc.  It helps me to slow down my brain while also focusing on my breathing. 

It calms me and provides an incredible sense of peace.  I try to meditate upon arising.  While not always remembering, I do try to make it a habit.  Once I’m in rhythm, it’s amazing and I do it regularly.

2. Positive affirmations - This is so crucial and is a huge part of being happy in my opinion.  when you speak life and positivity over yourself, everything changes. Your attitude, your outlook on life, everything.  This is something that I try to do it everyday.  Even if it’s one affirmation.  That one affirmation may be just what I need to carry on with my day.  It may sound like this, V, you got this. I can do anything.  I am all powerful. I am God’s beautiful creation and the list goes on.  Words are powerful and what better way to use them than speak positivity over yourself.  Well we are our own biggest cheer leader.

3. Give thanks everyday - It’s so easy to get caught up with what’s not happening instead of focusing on everything that’s going right.  When you focus on everything that is going right, things always seems to fall into place.  Start with I’m so thankful that I woke up this morning, I am so thankful that I have food to eat and a warm bed to sleep in, I am so thankful that I have clothes to wear, I am so thankful that I have a home, I’m so thankful that I am working, etc. etc. 

Whatever is going right in your life, focus on that.  The more you focus on that, more good things will begin to happen in your life.  This is something that I really try to practice daily.  It truly lifts my spirits and makes me have such a wonderful outlook on life.  When I focus on what I do have and the abundance currently in my life, it brings a positive  and calming ora over my life which is the best thing.

4. Be hopeful - When you’re hopeful, you are open to possibilities.  When you are not, this can lead to a closed heart.  It’s hard to be hopeful especially during these times of COVID but remember everything has an expiration date and we just need to remain hopeful and positive.  Think of the future and get excited about things that you may want to try and achieve.  Start a vision or goal board so that you can see it in front of you so that you will be reminded everyday.

5. Pray - Praying certainly helps me.  It gives me tremendous clarity and really brings a sense of calm over me.  When I pray, I  have faith that all will be well and anything that I may dealing with, will soon pass.  This too shall pass is a mantra that I love to say to myself.  

6. Self reflection — ooo…this is a good one.  We should all pause daily and have self reflection.  Self reflection is about looking at one self and determining some things that could be improved on and/or changed.  Often times we may blame external factors instead of looking at ourselves and making changes that will have a positive effect on our lives.  Instead of blaming the traffic for always being late, make the conscious decision to get up early. During these times that probably will not be the case but you get my drift. 

Or blaming not getting head due to not being enough opportunities instead of focusing on refining skills, researching and learning ways to progress and get better.  One should always look within.  Self reflection is about acknowledging certain things.  If one is not willing to acknowledge certain things, change and growth cannot happen.  

7.  Love yourself unconditionally flaws and all.  To love yourself is to accept everything about you.  Your accolades and your mistakes and to own every bit of it.  When you’re able to love yourself, it’s very easy to love others. When love is present, happiness is not too far behind.  Make a point to practice self care.  And what does self care look like?  It’s whatever you say it is. 

Everyone is different.  It could be spa day out or spa day at home.  It could be quiet time with a book or binge watching your fave show.  It could be exercising or simply having a cup of tea.  Self care is about taking care of yourself and filling your cup however you choose to which looks different for each person.  This could even mean saying no to something or someone because you love yourself much more.  

These are just some tips that I thought would be helpful.  What's something that you do to get to that happy place?  Please share below. 

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