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Manifest on New Moon - Try These Fun Rituals 

new moon

When the new moon comes around once a month, this is the perfect time to revisit what you would like to manifest in your life. The next new moon is today, March 10 and it peaked at 5:05 am.  Here are a few rituals that you can do to help when you manifest on a new moon.

Journal Work on New Moon 

Get yourself a journal, notebook, or notepad and start journaling what you would like to see manifest in your life.  There's something truly powerful about writing things down on paper.  I've been doing it for yearsss and it's truly magical. It's especially magically when you manifest on the new moon while writing things down.  

When you are journaling, be sure that you are writing in the present tense as though it has already happened because it is truly already yours.  You just need to take the steps to step into the silhouette of the future you.  

Start your sentence with I have or I am and feel as though it's already yours.  

Write down your intentions of what you plan on doing and take inspired action to get there. 

Create Your Personal Positive Affirmation on New Moon 

Affirmations are great to use when you're in the process of manifesting the things that you want in your life especially when manifesting on the new moon. 

The cool thing is that you can create an affirmation specifically based on what you are trying to manifest. Affirmations are also great to use when dispelling negative thoughts. 

When you find that a negative thought has crept up, acknowledge the thought then turn it into a positive affirmation. 

For example, if you have a negative thought that says that you are sooo behind in life, turn it into a positive affirmation. Say instead, I embrace where I am and where I am not, and I am in the right place at the right time.  

When you focus on being positive, more positivity will be attracted to you which is what you want.  It takes discipline but give yourself a whole lot of grace.  

Create a Vision Board on New Moon

Vision board

Another way to manifest on a new moon is through vision boards. Vision boards are such great tools to use to visualize and attract the things that you want in your life.

Just think about it, whatever you focus more on, will eventually manifest. So why not create a vision board that you can display on your wall, your desk and/or on your phone that shows the things that you're wanting to manifest into your life.

And just like writing things down, there is something magical about putting pictures on display of what you are wanting.  You are truly vibrating out to the Universe about what you desire.  

Take Inspired Action On New Moon

This is such a huge part of truly setting intentions because if you don't take action then intentions are just words on the paper. 

When you put action behind the intention that is when things will eventually manifest. 

If you're wanting more peace in your life and you decide to download an app to help you become peaceful, that's taking inspired action. When you go further and make the decision to follow through with the reminders when you are nudged, you are again taking inspired action. 

The more action that you'll take, the more that intention will be closer to manifesting. Try taking more inspired action when you manifest on a new moon 🌝  so that things will happen faster in your life. 

Visualize What You Want on New Moon


Close your eyes for 1 minute and visualize how you see your life when you manifest on a new moon.  Be very specific and detailed when you are visualizing.

How do you feel? Do you feel happy? Do you ecstatic? Do you feel at peace? Do you feel joy?  All of the emotions that you have, be sure to hold on to them until your vision materializes in front you. 

Visualization is such a powerful tool that is under utilized.  It is that powerful that even Olympians use it when they are training. No wonder they are soo good.  Read this Washington Post article to delve in more. 

So the next time you manifest on a new moon, be sure to add visualization to help bring your manifestation closer to you during this magical time. 💫 

Manifest on New Moon 🌚  Recap

Let's recap rituals you can do to manifest on a new moon so that you can begin to harness all of the magic during this time. 

  • Begin journal work.  You will find that when you write things down, magic happens.  There's truly something about getting words on paper.
  • Come up with your own positive affirmation. Whatever it is that you are trying to manifest, come up with an affirmation that is going to give you the motivation you need to keep pushing forward. 
  • Create a vision board.  Having a vision board is a powerful way to attract your desires in your life.  You can literally put anything on it.  They are not only powerful, they are super fun 🤩 
  • Take inspired action. When you take action, you are getting closer to what your heart desires. Small steps lead to big results.
  • Visualize. See what you want to manifest in your mind first. Once you continue to do this, the sky is the limit. 

Embrace the enchanting glow of the new moon and manifest your deepest desires with confidence and purpose.

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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