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My Favorite Things on Amazon 

Ok, so who else lives on Amazon? Lol!  Well if you do, you are certainly not alone. Haha. 

I mean you can find just about anything that you need at your fingertips, right in the comforts of your home,  And if you're an Amazon Prime member...oh please..this is even better.  I mean the fast delivery is such a huge perk.  

All items shown can be purchased on Amazon! Even my head wrap and scarf. Amazing.!! Not these clothes or jewelry though.  haha

I've ordered items the day of and have received them the same day.  I mean that is super fast! 

You have never shopped on Amazon then you must try it.  It can be a hit or miss when it comes to some items but for the most part, it's been more hits especially if something has really good reviews. 

Peruse my Amazon shop to see if anything sparks your fancy.  Enjoy!  

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