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Decorating on a Budget 

Decorating on a budget is something that I absolutely love to do.  It's simply a lot of fun.  Check out some of my tips when decorating your home and let me know below what you think or if you have tried any of these. 

My Decorating on a Budget Tips

1. Instead of purchasing new furniture, rearrange your furniture instead. You'll be surprised how just rearranging makes the space feel completely different.  

And you can go further and take a piece of furniture from one room and put it into another or swap pieces out of your rooms.  This is so small but has such a huge impact.  

As a military family, we tend to move every few years or so.  So rearranging is inevitable with the move but at times when we are a bit stable, rearranging makes it feel fresh which is what I really love.

2. Try not to place all of your decorative items out.  Just like you would probably do during the holidays, bring your decor items out in phases or according to the season.  This way you're not buying a ton of items but you're still keeping your space fresh.

3.If you love pillows like me, opt for pillow covers for some or all of your pillows. This way you'll be able to change them out throughout the year annd you'll be able to save space since pillows can take up a ton of space.

4. Locate home decor items like vases, pictures or knick knacks that could go elsewhere in your home.  An instant switcharoo can make a space feel quickly renewed. 

5. Move lamps around in the house to create a different vibe and feel. 

6. Use 3M picture holders so that you can change out pictures when you get bored.  

7. Always check the clearance section to see if there's an item that would go with your decor.  If it speaks to you and you have a place to put it, grab it.  If not, just don't bother. 

8. Instead of printing a ton of pictures to hang on your wall, opt for a digital photo display where you can add pictures and switch them out at anytime.  

You'll save on printing the pictures along with the frames.  

You can either hang it on the wall or set it on your countertop.  Completely up to you! 

9. Repurpose items. If you have an old stool, you can wrap it rattan to make a cute side table or plant stand.  

After Thanksgiving, don't throw away your gourds.  Instead, paint them silver and gold for Christmas.  I've been doing this for years and they look so good outside with pine.  

10. When purchasing fresh flowers for your home, change the water every 2nd day and be sure to clip the ends.  

If you do this, they'll keep longer.  And don't forget to add the plant food too.

Also, if you purchase your flowers from Costco, like I tend to do, you can split the bouquet into two separate bouquets.  This is perfect during the holidays or if you're having guests and want to spread your flowers around the house.  Genius right!  

Well, I hope these decorating on a budget tips have helped you and inspires you so that you can keep your coins in your bag.  Let me know which one you will try.  

If this has resonated with you, comment below and share :)

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