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Affirmations for Manifesting Money That You Can Start Using Right Now 

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Affirmations for manifesting money are great to use when you are really trying to grow your nest egg.  The most important thing to remember is that money is based around energy.  If you feel poorly about money, then this poor energy will attach to everything that you do relating to money. 

But if you feel excited and exuberant about money, then that same feeling will be attached to everything that you do regarding money which ultimately will bring you great abundance.  

As you state and write these affirmations, take note of your energy.  It's important to ensure that you're in a good, high vibin energy state since money is well... energy.  

Affirmations for Attracting Money 

If you're looking for overall affirmations to attract money, these are very good.  

As you say them, imagine money flowing into your life.  Close your eyes, imagine and feel the energy of green.  Continue to stay in this state to attract.  And remember money is money, regardless of the amount.  

If the Universe feels your excitement when you pick up that penny, the Universe will be more obliged to send you more money in many different amounts but you must show that you are just as happy with that penny.  

  • I attract money.
  • There is no limit to money.
  • Money is energy and I have good energy towards money.
  • Money comes from the source, and I have an amazing relationship with the source.
  • There are many possibilities on how to make money.
  • I am a money magnet.
  • I love money.
  • I have a wonderful relationship with money.
  • Money is my friend.
  • All money is good money whether it is a penny or a dollar.
  • When I pick up pennies, all money is attracted to me.
  • Money flows in to me freely.

Affirmations for Shopping 

A part of manifesting money is to be intentional with the money that we already have.  When we're intentional, we're creating the space for more money to flow in.  

Shopping is a part of our everyday lives but it's important to make wise decisions.  Making wise decisions creates good energy which will extend out to your money flow.  

  • I am a savvy, smart shopper.
  • I enjoy being intentional about my spending.
  • Before I purchase something, I decide if it's a need or want.
  • I love buying what I need first, then choosing something that I want. 
  • I am making smart decisions everyday about my shopping.

Affirmations for Financial Freedom

Who doesn't want financial freedom.  Am I right? It is truly possible for everyone.  Absolutely! Because there is enough to go around for everyone and those are straight up facts! 

These affirmations are great to use when manifesting money to gain financial freedom.  

  • I am working towards becoming financially free.
  • Money provides for my family and me.
  • I am learning everyday how to save for retirement.
  • I am excited about saving up for my retirement.
  • I enjoy learning how to become financially free. 
  • I am financially free.  
  • I am cutting back on expenses to become financial free. 

Affirmations for Your Job 

One way to manifest money is to either acquire a job, to get a promotion or to leave one job for another higher paying one.  

Either way, it's important to have the right mind set along with good affirmations to help keep your energy vibes up.  

Even if you're in the process of wanting to find a new job, never talk negatively about your current job since it's still providing you the financial support to do what you need to do.  Always speak positively over your current situation while also searching for something better. 

Now if you need to vent, that's completely understandable because we all do but just don't get caught up in doing it often.  Focus more on being positive and move forward.  

Depending on which job stage you're at, hopefully these affirmations will be helpful.  

  • I am grateful for my job because it provides for me. 
  • I am grateful for my future job because my pay will be increased.
  • I am worthy of a promotion.
  • I will get that promotion.
  • My current job is providing me the skills that I can use for my future job which will help me to grow.
  • I may be ready to leave my job but I'm still grateful for it.
  • The perfect job is out there for me.
  • I am doing things to improve my skills and abilities.  

Affirmations for Manifesting Money Recap 

Affirmations are good way to change your energy towards certain things and money is no different.  Considering that money is energy, affirmations are the perfect start to changing your relationship with money.  

Here are few points to remember:

  • Money is energy
  • Check in with your energy to be sure that you have good energy towards money.
  • If your energy is not so good, figure out why and begin to make changes so that you can change your relationship with money which will ultimately change your energy.
  • Just don't say affirmations, feel them.  As you say them, envision yourself actually being in that moment and stay in that good vibing energy state.  
  • Continue until you manifest the money that you desire.  And don't worry about how long it may take you.  Just continue to move forward.   

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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