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Chase Dreams instead of People 

Do you feel like you are chasing dreams but not getting anywhere?  Could it be that you are also chasing people instead?  So how does one go about chasing dreams instead of people?  So here’s my thought process. No judgement. lol.  This is just how I think.   

Have a Sense of Who YOU are

When people chase their dreams, they can become relentless on trying to achieve them, which is a good thing but sometimes people lose sight of who they truly are. 

We're all on the path of finding who we truly are which I feel is always a continued journey but I think its at least important to have a sense of who we are and know the things that we will or will not stand for. 

This will be crucial especially when making decisions while chasing your dreams. 

When you are able to stay true to yourself and discern situations, you will not tolerate certain things even if it means saying no to someone that could possibly help you get further because you know in your heart that it is not the right way of going about it or you just know that it's time for you to move on. 

The Universe will help YOU 

Your senses and your entire body tell you that it is not the right decision for you but you are relentless on getting there.  You make decisions that goes against your being and who you are just to get further ahead and closer to your dream but all you have done is become further away from your dream.  This is what I mean by chasing dreams and not people.  

When your decisions feel right and when you're at peace,  everything falls into place because the Universe will line up opportunities that are meant for YOU. So there is no reason to make unsound decisions or make decisions that you know are not right for you to just chase something that is not really meant for you. 

Yes, the dream is absolutely meant for you but certain paths are not.  So stop following empty paths that will not lead you to where you need to go.  

Find another path 

Another example is to not stay somewhere if you are not happy and fulfilled, even though you think being in this place should be part of your plan to fulfill your dreams.  If you are unhappy and unfulfilled, then it's time to find another path.  You're again chasing people and not the dream because you're choosing to stay somewhere for the sake of hoping it will get better or on false promises.  

Again, the way you feel is going to be your barometer of determining whether or not you are chasing people.  When you are feeling afraid to move forward even though you know that you should, remember that we work under God and not people.  The Universe will always find away for us as long as we put in the work and that our decisions align with who we genuinely are.  

I hope this resonated with you.  Please let me know if it has.  And share too. Take care and until next time.  

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