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Does Manifesting Work?

Does manifesting work you may ask?  Or is it just something that only happens for a select few who has some sort of secret code? Haha..well there's many answers to this question but my answer is that we're already manifesting so we might as well be intentional.  

We're Manifesting Everyday

Does manifesting work every single day? Yes! Because we are naturally manifesting every single day.  The next question is how do we go about manifesting the things that we want to happen.  And the answer is to get more intentional and to practice intentional thinking.  

We're manifesting everyday by the thoughts that we have everyday.  And whether they are positive or negative,  that is what we'll manifest.  And the more we have those thoughts, the more that those thoughts will come true.  Whatever we focus on will most likely come true so the key is to get intentional with our thoughts in order to manifest the life that we truly want.  

Intentional Thinking 

Intentional thinking is when one focus his/her thoughts on outcomes that he/she desires versus focusing on the impossibility of something.  Often times many people will self sabotage themselves by thinking that something could never happen for them or that certain ventures are just impossible.  When practicing intentional thinking, consider these tips:

  1. Think about something that you desire
  2. Write down a sentence that will positively support this desire that you have
  3. Read this sentence to yourself and make it apart of your daily thought bank 
  4. Think about it everyday.  Yes everyday! Remember we already have thoughts everyday.  We might as well fill them with good ones that will help us get to where we are trying to go.  
  5. Congrats you have just practiced intentional thinking, 

Now think of another desire that you have and do the same with that one.   

Intentional thinking leads to intentional actions which leads to intentional desires and outcomes. 

Does manifesting work for everyone?

I often hear people say I don't know how to manifest or manifesting doesn't work for me but truth be told, manifesting is occurring whether we like it or not.  There's no turning anything off.  Again, the key is to practice intentional thinking.  

I'm not going to say it's going to be easy at first because it does take effort but what is the alternative.  Anything worth having takes effort on our part.  Once you start thinking intentionally regularly, it'll become second nature and become much more easier.  

What should I manifest?

One should manifest the desires of your heart.  What is something positive that you would like to happen in your life?  Start there.  It doesn't matter how big or small it is either.  It just has to be something that one truly wants.  It's also important to be very specific.

Here's a great article talking about manifesting.  Enjoy.

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