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How to Deep Cleanse Your Gut 

Cleanse or not to cleanse, that is the question.  When it comes to cleansing, I think the results may be split.  Some thinks it’s great and others think that it’s not necessary.  How do you stand when it comes to this topic?

Well for me, I’m all about a good cleanse and I’m speaking from experience.  As someone who suffers from intolerances and seasonal allergies, my gut definitely takes a beating.  I’ve learned that cleansing really is beneficial to my overall health.  My breakouts clear up and it simply just makes me feel so much better.  

Recently, I experienced an eczema and hives breakout from eating cookies that contained dairy.  One cookie is not that big of a deal but I had many cookies over the course of two weeks (ya’ll they were good too and they did not contain nuts which I thought were perfect) which is the issue.  

My breakout was the absolute worse.  My skin not only suffered but my gut as well.  Why you may ask?  Well whatever allergen has entered my body affects everything and not just my skin.  For one, my body is trying to digest it but has a hard time and this creates excess mucus in my body which ultimately shows up on my skin as either eczema or hives and sometimes both.  

So this is where cleansing comes in.  Cleansing helps rid my gut of all of the allergens as well as all of the mucus that has accumulated there.  Ok, real talk.  With allergens and mucus in the gut, it’s hard to be regular so its important to cleanse.  

How often you may ask? 

So for me, its anytime I feel like my gut is off which may consist of hurting no matter what I eat, not being regular or after or even during allergy season.  

How long? 

So I use a super colon cleanse that I absolutely love and I tend to do it for a few days or until I feel like my gut is balanced.  It says to not do it more than 10 days which I have never come close to since my gut does pretty well normally.  

What cleanse is best? 

Well there are many cleanses available, I honestly think it’s about finding the one that works best for you and your body.  Everyone has different experiences and it’s important to determine what fits your body.  Be patient with yourself and figure out what works.  

The results:

So after cleansing, my gut is more balanced, my skin clears and I have more energy.  The purpose of a cleanse is to remove all toxins from the body to help it to perform an optimal levels.  

For me these toxins are allergens that have built up from the environment or foods that I have eaten that might have caused a reaction as in my case, the cookies with milk.  

Cleansing is also helpful for anyone who tend to eat restaurant food, lots of meat and unhealthy snacks o a regular basis.  

This super colon cleanse by Health Plus is my favorite.  There is another cleanse by this brand that is good for in between use. This one is good every couple of months but I only use when I feel it's needed. 

Daily maintenance:

To maintain on a regular basis, here are some things that I do: 

  1. Drink Water with Apple Cider Vinegar with or without lemon in the morning
  2. Take Probiotics
  3. Drink warm water with Lemon 
  4. Limit/avoid mucus producing foods 
  5. Eat green leafy vegetables 

I hope this has helped you.  This is what has worked for me.  Remember we are all different and it's important to find what helps us individually.  What are your thoughts about cleansing?  Please share below. 

Cheers to a happy, healthy gut! 

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