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How to Maintain Peace in Your Life 

There’s so many things that occur in life that really can take our peace away.  I think we have all been there at one point or another.  I certainly have and too many times to count.  I’m sure you can relate. 

There was a situation that occurred over the weekend that really could have affected my entire day but I chose to not let it.  Ahhh… the key word is chose which means we have a choice and can choose how we decide to respond.  Now, I’m not saying it’s always easy but it’s a matter of asking what’s more important…peace of mind or a day ruined.  

So where should I begin…Well my daughter was scheduled to have her hair done and I had the scheduling for the day down to a tee with everything I had planned for the day.  But low and behold, the person never showed…ugh! You can imagine how I felt but I kept calm (good example for my girl) and gave the person the benefit of the doubt because we all know that life happens and things can occur without our control.  But then I discovered that this person had gone out of town, huh, well the doggone nerve…without a call, a text, a postcard, nothing to inform me that she was not going to be available.  Wow! I really couldn’t believe this. 

So what now I’m thinking.  At that moment, a lady located next to her shop told me about another stylist that could possibly style my daughter’s hair.  So I went to her, told her my situation and she said of course.  I was a happy Mama and so relieved.  She ended up doing a beautiful job and did it faster than what I originally thought which has gained her two new customers. I was very thankful to have found her and happy how everything turned out.  I was able to do the other things that I needed to do with a time adjustment here and there but it all worked out.   

Wearing sweater, pants and booties from Costco

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Hat gifted by Hubby. Awww...

With that being said, I want to share some steps that I used to keep my peace:

1. Prayer.  Asking God for help is something that I do often which is what I did at the time because my daughter was so excited to be getting her hair done.  Instead of the original person showing up, my prayer was answered by someone else showing up in a completely different salon.  Wow, I love the way that works. 

2. Keep things in perspective.  I was ticked off but at the end of the day, it wasn’t the end of the world.  There are worse things that could happen.  

3. Acceptance.  Sometimes you just have to accept things the way they are because there’s nothing you can do to change it.  After finding out that she wasn’t coming, I was prepared to go home and not have her hair be done that day.

4. Make a choice.  When things happen, it’s important to make a choice of how we decide to handle these things.  I had a full day planned and I was determined to still have a great day despite of this setback.  And it was still a beautiful day.  

5. Let it go. This is hard for so many of us.  We want to fight every battle but in doing so, our peace is taken away.  We can’t fight every battle and shouldn’t.  Let the Universe take care of things and choose carefully which battles to partake in.  Let go and let God. 

6. Take a deep breath.  This goes hand in hand with let it go.  Taking that deep breath helps oxygen get to the brain and really relaxes me.  The body can get so tensed after getting upset over something, it’s important to release the tension so that you’ll feel more at ease.  

7. There's always a reason.  With anything, there's always reason.  This is my mantra.  I trust God and the Universe and know that everything happens the way it supposed to happen even if I don't quite understand it.  People are placed into our lives for a reason or things change in order to protect us.  This gives me peace just thinking about it.  

I hope these steps help you as they have me.  Oh, so what happened with the original stylist? She eventually text me but I though it was a little too late.  I kindly asked for my deposit back.  Moving on. 

Let me know if this resonated with you and leave a comment if so.  Cheers to having peace in your life. 

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