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How to Overcome Fear 

How to overcome fear is something that many of us think about and want to tackle head on.  And it often rears it head when we are thinking about doing something that we've always wanted to do which can be crippling.  Am I right? It can cause us to not reach our highest potential and fear can can stop us from reaching our destiny.  I’m sure you’re thinking, yes, duh.. I know all of these things but how do I overcome it?  How do I overcome fear is the question.  Well.... one doesn’t.  

Stay for awhile, you're going to want to hear this. 

Emotions Working Together

Truth be told, fear is still there.  It really doesn’t go away.  It’s still hanging out, but it’s truly about doing that thing that you’ve always wanted to do anyway…with your heart beating fast, the butterflies in your stomach, the sweaty palms along with the sheer terror of it all.  It’s about grabbing fear by the hand and saying let’s go, let’s go do what we’ve always wanted to do. 

Have you watched the Disney Pixar Movie Inside Out  where it shows the little girl’s emotions and how the emotions, even fear, work together for the greater good of the little girl.  Well, it's just like that for us.  All of our emotions work together for our greater good and NOT to cause us not to do something BUT to help us to soar.  We need to embrace all of our emotions and work through them instead of ignoring them.  

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How to Overcome Fear ..oops
I mean Embrace Fear 

When you are having a fearful moment, acknowledge and embrace the fear.   I see you fear is what you should be saying! Acknowledge that your hands are sweaty and that your stomach is in knots.  Acknowledge that you are sweating profusely and that your heart is racing. 

Do this: 

  • Take three deep breaths in and out,
  • then three neck rotations 
  • followed by three shoulder rotations forward and backwards.  
  • Shake it out

Then place your hand over your heart and

Say this: 

"I know that you are scared and I feel your heart but I am with you and we are going to do it any way.  We’re going to go do that thing that we’ve always wanted to do because we only have one life to live.  And our time is now to make all of our dreams come true. There’s no one who is going to come save us.  So we’re going to have faith, praise God and give thanks to the Universe because it’s already ours." 

After saying that, then whatever it is that you want to do, do it at that moment or start taking the steps to get there.  Don’t wait because the more waiting means the more time you get to talk yourself out of it. 

Own that part of yourself that has fear and say to yourself, I have fear but I’m going to do it anyway.  When you acknowledge it, you have taken back your power and have made it clear to fear that you're running the show.  By saying that, you have decided that you get to control the narrative of your story despite of fear being present.  That in itself is so powerful.  YOU are powerful. 

Start looking at fear as a beautiful emotion to help you get where God wants you to be.  Look at it as a natural push or nudge from the Universe helping you to reach your destiny.  But instead of stopping at the edge...all you have to do is leap, trust and repeat!  Just like stress, we have to find ways to manage it, fear is no different.  

The time is now to start. It's your time. What are you waiting for? 

Sooo...I just finished my third national campaign as a Professional Model/Actress.  Woohoo but can you imagine if I would've allowed fear to get in the way and believe me ya'll, there was a lot of it but I just kept embracing it.  

Here is a great article on how to overcome fear by Tony Robbins. Enjoy Sister friend. Remember it's already yours! 

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