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How To Set Goals and Stick To Them In 2023


Setting goals can be an awesome way to achieve many things that you want to accomplish both long and short term and the new year tends to be a great starting point. 

The key is not only setting your goals but also sticking to them which can be easier said than done.  Am I right?

Life tends to get in the way of sticking to them and I think we are probably all guilty of that.  

I hope these tips will help you both set and stick to your goals. 

10 Tips on How to Set Goals 

1. Decide on Your Goal

This may be a no brainer but sometimes its best to start from square one which is to decide on your goal.  

Once you make the decision, it'll become much easier to follow through.  

Try to just stick to one or two goals versus trying to do a ton of goals.  I've found that it's best to focus on one or two things versus trying to accomplish a ton of goals.  

If you feel like you can work on a ton of goals, then go for it but it's best to focus your attention on 1-2 things versus having your focus on multiple things.  We can only do so much and you may find that having a ton of goals may be more of an issue and may not allow you to really put your best foot forward.  

2. Pick A Date For Your Goal

Once you have decided on your goal.  Choose a date for when you would like to see your goal accomplished. 

This part will take some calculating on your part to determine a reasonable date.  

The purpose of the date is to give yourself something to work up to while making small strides each day. 

If the date comes and go, no worries.  Just re-evaluate and set another date and continue to move forward towards what you want.

3. What is Your Why For Your Goal

When deciding your goal, think about the reasons you want to achieve this particular goal.  By doing this, you'll be able to fall back on your why if or when your journey start to become a bit frustrating.  

4. Have Fun in Your Life 

Take time to do something else besides focusing on your goal.  

Think about some of your hobbies and other things that you love to do and do those things.

When you take your mind off of your goal and have fun doing other things, it'll take the pressure off and allow you to regroup, recharge and get back to your goal. 

5. Stay Consistent 

Consistency is key!  Decide how often you want to work on your tasks and do your very best to stick to it.  Whether it's three times a day. week or month, pick what works for you and be committed.   

As you stick to completing tasks, you will see them gradually add up which will hopefully give you the energy to keep going.  

6. Take Action

Determine the action steps that you need in order to meet your goal.  

Once you have decided on the steps, take consistent action on them. 

The steps will act as your guide so that you hopefully will not so feel overwhelmed.  

7. Break Up Your Goal Into Small Bites

Instead of focusing on your entire goal which can be a bit overwhelming, break up your goal into small manageable pieces where you can set milestone dates.

As mentioned earlier, you can set a date for your entire goal but then also set dates for smaller tasks that will help you get to your main goal.  

8. Imagine the end result

While you are working towards your goal, imagine what the end result will be once you have achieved it.

How does the end result make you feel?  Does it make you feel amazing and accomplished?  Does it make you feel empowered? Well, what ever good feeling you are having, bottle it up and keep it going throughout your journey until you actually see it come to fruition.  

9.  Never Give Up 

As long as you are loving what you are doing, never give up making it to your goal.  

Give yourself a ton of grace, shake it off, regroup and get back to it.  

You can do anything that you set your mind to.  

10. Read About Others

Read about others who have already achieved your goal.  Read their stories on how they were able to get to where you're trying to go.  

By reading their stories, this will hopefully provide you the inspiration you need to stay motivated and push through. 

And if there's no one for you to read about because you may be the first person to ever accomplish such a feat, be excited in being the first and know that one day someone will be reading about you which will inspire them to press forward as true fierce bada$$.  

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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