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How To Start a Workout Regime

So people often ask me where to start when they want to workout. Where do I start V? I need some advice they’ll say. So today I’m sharing some tips on what you need to do to start and how to stick with it. 

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1. What’s your why? I honestly think the first thing you have to do is get clear with your why.  Everyone has their reason for working out whether it is to stay in shape, for health reasons, to look good, or to feel good.  It is up to you to decide what your why is and to always stick to it.  Your why is important because it’s going to help you stay motivated because let’s face it, there are days where you are not feeling it at all and you don’t feel like doing anything but your why is what’s going to push you to do it anyway.  

2. Fail to succeed.  Huh, what you talkin’ about V?  Well, in order to figure out what you like you have to try different things.  You have to put yourself out there and try different workout regiments and classes to see what works best for you.  And don’t be afraid to do it alone.  This is about you and not about your best pal not joining you.  Figuring out what you like is going to make your workouts a more pleasurable experience.  Y0u’re going to actually enjoy (for the most part) working out. 

Now, again there will be some days where you’re not going to feel like doing much of anything and there will be a ton of excuses that you’ll give yourself of why you can’t workout but sometimes those excuses are just that and not valid reasons. So go try different classes.  There are many different virtual classes that are being offered now due to COVID and some are even free.  You can choose a different one each week to see if it vibes with you or not.  If not, no love lost, just move on. 

3. Schedule it.  Putting it on your calendar is so important to do because it shows that you are dedicated in sticking to your goals.  It should go on your calendar right along side all of your kids activities, your personal appointments, lunch dates, etc.  It deserves a place because it’s just as important and it’s something that you want to show up for like everything else.  A lot of times, when it’s not on the calendar, it just doesn’t happen.  Am I right?  As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

4. Workout gear.  Be sure you have a good pair of workout shoes.  This is something that I have learned over the years especially from my hubby.  He’s always purchasing running shoes for himself to be sure that his feet are well taken care of.  And not just that.  Your ankles, calves, knees, pretty much everything can be affected, if you don’t have good shoes.  Once you have a good pair of shoes, you might as well purchase some cute leggings, sports bras and tops to go with.  Well hack, you have to be cute right.  Be sure that your clothes are comfortable to move in and that you’re not just buying them for looks.  

5. Go it alone.  As I mentioned earlier, don’t get caught up if someone doesn’t want to join you or they can’t make the workout session.  This is about you and getting to where you want to be.  Sometimes it’s easy to not go when a buddy says he/she cannot make it but instead make the decision to go regardless if you have a buddy joining you or not.  

6. Track your movement - Research watches and apps that will help you stay on task while also tracking what you do.  These tools can help you stay motivated and help you reach a goal.  There are some that also allows you to compete with others while winning prizes.  You can also earn money with different apps which is more reason to start.  Getting paid to workout doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all.  Workout then go shop! Ha!

7. Build up.  Often times people go full steam but there's no reason to do this.  Start slow and steady.  If you burn yourself out, you're not going to want to do it again.  Pace yourself.  Start with a 15 minute class and work your way up.  Again, this is about you.  The nice thing is that everything is pretty much virtual so you can hop on for 15 minutes and then get off.  If you're worried about offending the instructor, just let him/her know that you're starting off and that you're just pacing yourself.  He/she will understand.  The following week, do 30 minutes and so forth and so on.  You may need to push yourself to get to 45 minutes and that's okay.  It's about you getting to where you need to be.  You got this hun! 

These are just some tips.  Do you have any tips or did anything resonate with you?  Let me know in the comments below.  

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