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How To Stop Perfectionism So That You Can Start Living Free

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In this post, I'm sharing four ways on how to stop perfectionism in order to begin living free.  So do you feel like you are a perfectionist?  Does everything have to be a certain way in order for you to be happy?  

One thing for sure about perfectionism is that it stifles our creativeness and doesn't allow for a free flowing life.  I had to learn to be okay with not being perfect and oh it's such a freeing feeling.  

 How to Stop Perfectionism - 4 Aha Tips

Embrace Other People's Creativity 

I have learned to embrace other people's creativity more and be open about saying so.  

This may not seem like much but it has had a huge impact on me not feeling like I have to be perfect or feeling like my way is the only way because truth be told everyone has something to bring and something to offer to this world and that in itself is quite beautiful.

So when I see something that is nice or recognize something that is beyond my expertise, I really try to make a point to say something wonderful about it.  I try to make a point to give someone his/her props. 

By doing this, you are in the space of not being the only one that is creative, not being the only one that is wonderful and not having to be the one always on top.  It's about saying to yourself that it's okay to not always be on top, to not always have the most creative thing and yet you know that you are still wonderful, you are still creative, etc.,etc. 

Just Do It And Have Fun 

Instead of worrying about how perfect something that you want to start will be, just do it anyway.  

Let go of the perfectionism, dive in and free flow.  Let it be messy whatever you are trying to accomplish and allow yourself to color outside of the lines.

Your best creativity will come from coloring outside of the box. 

I have really been trying to embrace these words and continue to push through without focusing on being perfect.  For example, hosting family and friends even though my home was not at times where I wanted it to be.  I had to ask myself what was more important to me - waiting for everything to be perfect or start having people over to fill my home with good memories so I start choosing the latter, years ago.  And it has been absolutely wonderful.  Not to say we host all of the time but it's been nice to not be so focused on perfectionism to not have it happen.

Another example is when I submit for acting/modeling jobs.  Over the past couple of years, I have been learning more to not try to be so perfect when auditioning because truth be told that is not what casting directors are looking for.  By continuing to audition regardless if I hear a response or not has allowed me to be free of being perfect and has made an environment where I can just have fun.  And let me tell you perfectionism certainly takes the fun out of everything.  

Embrace Your Inner Chid 

What does your inner child need?  Give her a big, warm hug and tell her that it's okay to not be perfect. 

Maybe someone said something or did something in the past to cause her to not want to color out of the lines.  Think back to where that could have stemmed from, acknowledge it and tell your inner child that she can let go of that because the adult YOU wants to be free.  It's time to be free.  

I've had to check in with my inner child often to discern the reasonings behind how I respond and act towards things and let me tell you, it has been eye opener and an amazing journey.  And what I've gathered is that often times it's about trying to prove myself or be better than someone else because maybe not receiving certain accolades as a child.  So my mantra had been the more perfect I can be, I'll definitely receive the accolades right, but at what cost.  So I decided for my inner child that it was time to let that perfectionism go.    

Let It Go

Let it go, Let it go...cue Idina Menzel, haha but truly Let it Go.  If that piece of hair will not stay, shake it out and Let It Go.  If dinner sucked, chop it up as a loss and Let It Go.  If guest is at the door and you're not ready, be happy that you have guests visiting and Let It Go.  If a friend pops by and the house is a mess, it's okay, just Let It Go.

When you hold to always having to be perfect, it takes the fun out of life and spontaneity.  It stifles creativity and living freely.  But when you start to care less about being perfect and more about actually living, this is where the joy ensues and begin to live a fulfilled, happy life.  

How To Stop Perfectionism Recap 

I hope these tips have helped you and provided ways that you can stop your perfectionism.  Here are some key points to recap:  

  • Embrace Other People's creativity 
  • Just Do It and Have Fun'
  • Embrace Your Inner Child
  • Let It Go, Let It Go 

I have also learned that perfectionism means that we are not willing to learn anything new because we have all the answers.  And with life, we are forever learning and evolving and should always make a point to color outside of the lines.  Cheers to freedom☺️

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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