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How to Treat Eczema Breakouts

So when it comes to eczema breakouts, I know first hand how unpleasant this can be. Itchy, red skin is simply no fun. I have been an eczema sufferer for many, many years but I must say in the past few years I’ve been able to manage it very well with an occasional breakout or two.

I must say that being at home due to the coronavirus has actually helped me to pinpoint things that cause me to have breakouts in a huge way. 

Typically there are 4 instances when I may experience a breakout. 

  1. Weather change (accumulation of pollen spores in the air)
  2. Food intolerance/allergy 
  3. Oral Allergy Syndrome 
  4. Stress

So if you are in the same boat, this is what I typically do to manage my eczema.

  1. When it comes to weather change, say when it goes from winter to spring, I typically start to take allergy medication early (around the end of February or so) to combat all of the symptoms associated with hayfever and to assist with my eczema breakouts.
  2. Food intolerance as well as a food allergy is a big one.  Certain things that we eat may not digest well in our bodies which causes excess mucus to accumulate which in return causes breakouts.  So the best thing is to either avoid or eliminate certain foods from our diet completely.  I recently had a outbreak due to this.  I'll explain later, so keep reading.  
  3. Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) is something that many people suffer from including me but many people just do not realize it.  To read more about this. Click here which will take you to my other website that talks more about this.  
  4. Stress can certainly be a culprit.  Let's face it, we all have stress here and there but it's when there is an overload of it.  In situations like these, I typically assess what I've been doing day to day and ease back on some things and/or take long deeper breaths throughout the day.  I also think about how much sleep I have gotten and begin to adjust my sleep.  

Me pictured with no breakouts.  Pics coming soon of my skin's healing process. 

Eczema Breakout Treatments 

Let's talk about gut treatments, yep gut (a very important part of the process) and then we'll talk about what to apply to the face.


  • Remove all mucus producing foods which includes dairy and caffeine, and anything that makes you bloated.  This is crucial for the gut to heal and then in return your skin will heal.  Eczema is a sign of inflammation built up in the body and this is the best way to start.  You can add these foods back once you have healed if you choose but it has to be in a moderation.  You may find that you can only tolerate once a month or not even at all.  
  • Take a probiotic to help the gut build up healthy bacteria
  • Drink warm fluids in order to flush the excess mucus out
  • Drink lots of water.  Again water will help flush the mucus out. 
  • Try a neti pot to flush the mucus from your sinus cavities.  So in my case, mucus will build up in my sinuses and then eventually drain down so the neti helps to get excess mucus out.
  • Drink Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar or any kind that has the mother to help balance the body and also assists with inflammation.
  • Limit your sugar intake.  Bad bacteria feeds on sugar.  It loves it.  So be mindful about sugary snacks that you are eating.  
  • Be patient.  It takes time for the gut to heal so be patient with yourself. If you have been struggling for a long time with this, it may take you a few months or longer to get back to feeling good versus a few weeks. Try a new caffeine free tea with honey and enjoy it everyday.  My fave is lemon by Bigelow! Meditate to relax your body.  You're so worth it! 


  • Use a cool pack/washcloth - I love applying a cold pack to the irritated parts of my skin.  It's something about the cold that helps soothe my skin. Ahhhh....
  • Cool water - When I cleanse my face, I always try to use cool water but during times I have breakouts, it's even better because it's again very soothing to my skin.
  • Gentle cleanser - I use cetaphil everyday and even when I have breakouts.  It's very gentle which is why I continue to use it during my breakouts.
  • Moisturize - I use Eucerin for dry skin.  I use this every morning and when I have breakouts.
  • Treat - I treat my skin with Castor oil mixed with tea tree and lavender oils.  Tea trea is great for itching and combating bacteria.  And lavender is all around great for eczema.  I try to apply three times a day to the affected area.  If you don't prefer castor oil, you can always use another carrier oil such as olive oil.  Always consult your physician before using essential oils if you are expecting.  

Other Tips

  1. I take an antihistamine which helps tremendously with my histamine levels. 
  2. When I remember, I also use a natural supplement called QBC Plex that works great to keep the histamine levels down in my body as well.  It has quercentin, bromelain and vitamin c which are all great for combatting histamine naturally.  I also take fish oils which are great anti-inflammatories.  
  3. Exercising helps me tremendously.  It helps to relax me which is a plus for when my body is healing.  However, the down side is that sometimes the sweating can exacerbate where my skin is irritated.  Ugh!   
  4. Be sure to check the labels of pre-mixed foods and snacks.  Recently, I picked up cookies that were tree nut free...yay I thought.  But I totally forgot to check the labeling and ended up eating quite a bit of cookies that contained milk, soy and wheat.  My body is okay with one cookie, here or there but not a lot which is what I did especially with milk. Ugh! So always check.

Recently, I experienced a breakout as I mentioned and my body is slowly healing which I'm grateful for.  But remember, it's not just the skin.  It's also the gut that needs to heal.  

Pictures coming soon of the healing process.  Stay tuned. 

I hope this has helped you in some type of way.  Let me know below. 

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