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Feeling Like Life is Hard? Tips on how to Overcome Life Challenges

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Overcoming challenges when life feels hard

What do you when you're feeling like life is hard and wanting to overcome life challenges?  How do you cope with them?  The way you handle something can result in being hopeless or being hopeful.  Sometimes easier said than done but it’s truly in the choices we make.  

My family and I were in a challenging time last year around this same time where my son was in the hospital for spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung because he is very tall) and my daughter had a fractured arm.  All happening in a 4-day span of one another.   As they say, when it rains, it pours. This is some times true and when it pours, I know that God always covers us.  This period of time was very challenging but we got through it with the grace of God.  

God never gives us more than we can handle and I truly believe that..  Sometimes it's hard to believe that God and the Universe has our back but they do…always.  I wanted to share some tips on how we made it through that challenging time that may be helpful for you.

7 Best Tips When Life is Feeling Hard

1. Have a Positive Outlook on Life 

STAY POSITIVE - I know this sounds cliche but it helps in getting through difficult times when you are feeling like life is hard.  The best way to stay positive and is to focus on positive things, focus on what’s going right vs what’s going wrong, focus on where you want the situation to be vs where you’re at currently.  Doing all of these things truly helped me. I’m not saying that a negative thought will not seep in but what I am saying is that you have the power to acknowledge it and turn it around.  That is where I power lies. 

Whose decision was it for us to be negative, focus on the wrong things, and worry about something that we can’t control.  I don’t know about ya’ll but I choose to not do those things.  I choose to pray, give my worries to God and to focus on where I want my situation to be.  At one point, I had my son look at a healthy lung and focus on that vs focusing on what his medical condition was.  

2. Reach Out For Help

REACH OUT - Reach out to who you can to ask them to pray and send positive vibes your way.  It’s nice to know that people are in your corner praying and rooting for your situation.  If you do not have anyone to call, you can reach out to the hospital chaplain to pray over you.  There are also many groups that are willing to pray and lend a helping hand if and when you need one. 

There’s someone always there even though you don’t think that is the case.  I was able to reach out to those who I could and let me tell you.  They all helped collectively and I appreciate them and love them all so much for it.  We also had the chaplain come in to pray several times over our son and our family.  It was needed and felt good. 

3. Release Your Tears to Overcome

RELEASE - It’s okay to take a moment to release.  Release the tears and the heaviness of it all and let go.  Allow yourself to be human.  

Having a cathartic moment when you are feeling like life is hard is a part of healing and at times we just need to release so that it does not build up.  I did this for about an hour or so and it felt good.  It’s just what I needed to get my strength back and carry on.  And carry on, I did. 

4. Pray Over Your Life 

PRAY - Prayer is powerful.  It can move mountains.  Pray to God and ask for help.  Pray for strength and healing. Pray to God to take your worries and burdens away because being worried doesn’t help.  Worry attracts negativity and we want the opposite when going through difficult situations.  So pray for positive things to happen and cast your worries aside and allow God to take them over for you.  

5. Focus on What's Going Right in Your Life

 FOCUS ON WHAT’S GOING RIGHT - This goes hand in hand with staying positive but it’s about being more specific.  Like I stated before I had my son focus on a healthy lung, both of our kids began to focus on other things like school work and chores as well as the things that they love like video games and videos. 

I ensured that I was focused on listening to positive podcasts, reading affirmations, and listening to my favorite music.  All of these things lifted my spirit which in turn made me feel even better about the situation.  Again, focus on what’s going right. Focus on the everyday joys of life and the simple things.  

6. Let Go and Let God

LET GO - Let go and let God.  This can be very hard to do but it’s important to realize that once we let go and stop worrying, peace overcomes us.  Peace is what you want and what you need to make it through.  

7. What Brings You Joy in Your Life 

WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY- Simply do something that will bring you joy amidst the challenges.  If you can do that, you are well on your way of getting over the hump. Laugh, laugh, laugh and as they say, laughter is truly the best medicine.  Watch funny shows and movies.  Look at funny memes. Read jokes.  Laugh your worries away.  

Dance with yourself in your living room or have a dance off with your family.  If you love to sing, sing.  If you love to skip, do that.  If painting gives you the feels or having a nice bubble bath, well do that.  Whatever brings you joy is the time to do those things more than ever because those things are going to help you through it all.  

If you're looking for other ways to overcome challenges, visit Life Hack for some other good tips that will help you overcome. 

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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