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How to Manifest a Job in 2024 With These 8 Simple Steps

Learn how to manifest a job this year because you deserve it and much, much more. Remember that you're so beautiful and powerful. Okay, Sis.

With the new year, many want to start fresh and set resolutions for themselves whether that is to become healthier, start a workout routine or to start a new job to name a few.  So today I wanted to share my steps on how to manifest a job in the new year. 


These are my personal steps that I have used that have helped me to manifest my last three jobsI manifested my current job in 3 months.  Woohoo! I started the application process of applying to jobs in May (I applied to about 6 jobs per day), received the call in August that I was pretty much hired as long as I still wanted the position.  And I absolutely did! I then started in November.

Don't get caught in how long it took me, instead, just simply stay the course and enjoy the journey.  It may take you less time or it could take you a little bit more but don't worry, just keep moving forward. 

It’s really amazing what our minds are capable of doing and when we couple that with good energy, positive thoughts, affirmations, action, meditation, faith and prayer.  There’s truly nothing that can stop us.  

1. Manifest a Job by Claiming It

To manifest a job, first say to yourself, “I want a new job”.  Literally say it aloud to yourself to claim it and then write it down to make it a bit more tangible annnd so that you can see it everyday to remind yourself that this is what you want. 

After you state it and write it down, then say to yourself, “I want a new job where I am doing xyz” Then write that statement down.  Write down exactly what you want to do. Then state when you will be starting your new job.  Yes, put a date on it (like put a ring on it...haha). Be specific. 

Now there is a caveat.  If you want to be a doctor but do not have any skills to be a doctor, it will not work because your spirit knows that it will be impossible for you to get a job doing this at the present moment. 

This is definitely possible in the future if that's your passion but for right now, think of things that you are good at, things that you enjoy doing, things that people say that you are good at or that you have experience doing and go for that. 

Be very specific about what you want even down to the hours and location.  The more specific you are, the better it will be for the Universe to work on your behalf. 

Just to say that you want a new job isn’t enough information for the Universe to work its magic.  Also, never say what you don’t want, always say what you do want.  Once you have your statements written down, be sure to put it in your phone. 

Go further and save the statements as your screen saver to remind yourself everyday. Go even further and write them down on sticky notes and place them in different areas of your home.  

2. Manifest a Job by Taking Action 

 Now that you know what you want, it’s time to start taking action.  This process may be frustrating at times because you may feel like nothing is happening but the key is to keep moving forward.  First, dust off your resume and ensure it’s in tip top shape.  Add any additional skills and update your address and other pertinent information if need be.  Update the format too for a fresh look.  Once that is done, start looking. 

When you find something that peaks you your interest, apply for it.  And keep applying for jobs until you get an interview.  You may have to apply to over 50 jobs to find something but do not fret.  It's okay. The key is to keep moving forward and to apply to everything that feels right.  Do not apply for something that you really do not want.  Stick to your gut and apply to only what you REALLY want to do.

For my current job, I applied to about 6 jobs daily (yes 6!) for about a month or so because I was determined to move on from my previous employment.  I wanted the Universe to know that I was ready to move on.  I enjoyed my past job and the people that I worked with but I knew it was just time for me to move on.  

3. Manifest a Job with Good High Vibrational Energy 

While you’re applying, interviewing and waiting, always, always, always keep your energy levels up.  What I mean by this is to always err on the side of positivity even if you don’t think anything is happening because truth be told, something is. 

Dance, sing, laugh and simply have fun in your life even if your current situation is not where you want to be.  The most beautiful, power thing is that you get to choose how you decide to be regardless of what's going on around you. 

Keep in mind that all of the things that you are doing and putting out there…tweaking your resume, applying, interviewing, calling, following up, etc. …. is sending good signals out to the Universe for the Universe to know that you are ready and that you are not going to give up until the job that you want presents itself because it will. 

Remember anything and everything that you are seeking is equally seeking you.  Good energy is an important part of this entire process.  If you are doing all of these things but then you are saying to yourself, that it’s never going to happen, I don’t have the skills, no one is going to hire me, there are no jobs, blahbablah, blah, blah, blah, blah…then your energy level is no good.  The stankin thinkin is what keeps people from moving forward.  

But if you reverse this negative thinking and always err on the side of positivity, then that is what you are going to get - a positive outcome which is ultimately a job that you love.

One energy tip that I used was I created a password that was short for, I love my new job (ilmnjb) so every time I logged in, I literally had to say to myself that I love my new job even though I was still at my old position.  I was putting good energy out about the job that I was seeking, the job that I didn’t even have yet  and don’t you know, I absolutely love my new job! It’s so amazing. And what’s even more amazing is the power of our minds. 

Additionally, while you're in your current job, be grateful for that job.  Don't talk down about where you're at because again this is creating not so good energy.  Be happy and grateful for where you're at but look forward to where you are going too. 

4. Manifest a Job with Meditation

During the waiting process, take about 10 minutes per day to just sit quietly, close your eyes and envision this job.  How does it make you feel? Does it bring you joy?  Are you excited to show up everyday?  Is it a healthy environment? And stay in that space so you know exactly how you want to feel when you actually get it.  

To manifest a job or anything of that matter, it's about feeling like you already have it while also envisioning it and sometimes we have to calm the mind and focus just on what we want. 

If you're a beginner at meditating, no worries. Just start with 1 minute and build up from there.

There's also many meditation apps that you can use that are for free to get you started.  If you're an iPhone user, there's already a meditation reminder built in to your phone.  

5. Manifest a Job by Journaling 

Journal, journal, journal. 

Write your positive feelings down everyday before you go to bed to remind yourself how happy you are to have this new job.  Thank the Universe and Praise God for this job.  Write as though you already have the job.  When you write, be sure your energy levels are up and that you are vibrating all things good. 

Write in the present tense.  

I love my job. My job is wonderful. My job is the best.  I love going to work everyday, etc., etc. 

The more you write in the present tense, the more you will feel this good, good energy of acquiring your new job.  When you write before you go to bed, you will continue to have good energy as you're sleeping while also sending good signals out to the Universe.  Now that's a win! 

6. Manifest a Job with Prayer 

Pray, pray, pray because there's power in prayer so say a prayer when you wake up each morning and thank God for sending your blessing (s) your way. 

Say it with conviction and faith. 

And know that everything that you pray for does come true.  You just have to believe and have faith that it will.  And just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean that it will never happen.  

You have to believe that you are worth it and deserve everything that this world has to offer you because you are. 

7. Manifest a Job by Talking to Yourself 

Haha, hear me out.  Okay, so we all talk to ourselves throughout the day.  It's completely normal.  LOL.

But all seriousness, speak good things over yourself about your new job throughout the day.  Walk around with a conviction that your job is coming.  

Say these things to yourself:

  • My job is on it's way!
  • My new job is a blessing!
  • I can't wait to start my new job!
  • I am going to do great things at my new job!
  • I am the perfect fit for my new job!
  • Everyone loves me a my new job!

So on and so forth.  All throughout the day!  Come up with your own.  

And you definitely do not have to say these aloud at your current job because that would be kind of weird ...haha..but you can definitely say it under your breath or say it in your head.  

It's all about speaking abundance over yourself. 

8. Manifest a Job by Not Giving Up

Okay, so this may sound cliche but the truth is keep going until you see that job manifested in front of you. 

I know that it's easier said than done but you can do it!  You owe it to yourself to have the job that you want.  

You may be tested along the way.

Crickets, no responses, no interviews, no callbacks, etc.etc. All this will test you but you will have to push through all of it by doing everything that I shared above.  

Just keep focusing on that job that you want despite all of that and stay faithful. You'll start to see things begin to happen that you cannot even explain because you are all powerful.  

Check out my IG video where I show you a tip on how to manifest a job.  I was able to manifest my current job with these tips.  Super duper fun! 

Let's Recap!

I hope these steps on how to manifest a job has helped you. I have manifested my last 4 jobs and I am so grateful and blessed to have the knowledge to do so and to share.  Woohoo! 


    Claim it

    Take action

    Keep your energy up




    And Talk to yourself...haha

If these tips have helped you, please let me know.  I would love to hear your success story of how you manifested a job that you absolutely love this year. 

Oh, if the date you set comes and go, don't worry.  Just set a new date and continue the process.  You'll get there.  Remember to always stay positive.  You got this! 

Here's a great article from The Secret (one of my fave books and movie) website about how someone manifested her job.  

Which tip resonated with you the most?  And which tip will you put into action to manifest a new job, to manifest a better job or to simply get a job?  

Bonus Tip:

If and when you see other people being hired for jobs and you're still waiting on yours, please, please, please be happy for them.  Be authentically happy for them. This is good energy which will come back to you two fold. Congratulate them and then say this to yourself with the best genuine feeling:

I am so, so happy for them.  You go girl/boy! That's amazing news.  That's a blessing.  I thank God for showing me that because I know that my job is on its way.  It's coming.  I'm ready and waiting.  I'm ready to receive.  I thank you Universe for trusting me to see you bless someone else and myself be happy for them because that means that I am truly ready to receive my blessing too.  I am very blessed.  

Yours is coming Sis.  Believe and trust that it is.  

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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