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Manifest with A Journal - 5 Reasons Why You Should 

Manifest with a Journal

If you have not manifested by writing in a journal, I'm here to tell you that you should definitely start now.  You'll be so glad that you did.

I manifest with a journal and absolutely enjoy it.  I have been doing it for quite some time now and it is truly effective. 

It hasn't always been a journal either.  Initially, I started with just a notebook which worked just fine but recently graduated to a journal after many, many years thanks to my hubby. ❤️

Here are 5 great reasons why you should start to manifest with a journal.    

Words Written are Powerful While Manifesting

Words are powerful not only when spoken but also when written.  When you write down the amazing things that you desire in your life, it makes it concrete.  

Writing in the journal not only makes it concrete, it makes it real and each time you write the things that you desire, you're giving those things more power, more life until they become a reality. 

After you write what you desire, be sure to read it aloud and do it often.  This will continue to solidify exactly what you want and things will fall in place for you.  

Helps You To Be Grateful during the Process of Manifesting 

When you're in the process of intentionally manifesting something,  it's soo important to journal what you are grateful for.

When you do this on a regular basis, this puts good energy around you.  This helps you to be in a happy, blessed state of mind.  When you're in this state of mind, you can't help but to attract more things that you desire in your life.

So the more grateful you are, the more happy you'll be and the more amazing things that you desire will happen for you.  

When I write about the things that I am grateful, it feels me with so much joy and reminds me of the things that I have.  It also reminds me that everything that I desire, I'll have because I'm remembering the things that I am grateful for.  

Gets You Excited About What You are Manifesting 

When manifesting with a journal, you should get excited when writing down the things that you desire to have.  

When you're writing, you are picturing yourself doing and having the things that you desire.  The more you write those things down, the more excited you'll be.

This excitement will come back to you two fold with amazing things happening to you.  When you're excited, you'll have great energy surrounding you which is a wonderful thing.

When I manifest with my journal, I feel so excited because I know that the things that I write will ultimately come true.  Written words have so much power.  

Helps You to Subconsciously Manifest 

When you consistently manifest with a journal, you are continually embodying all the things that you desire.  When you are writing your desires, reading your desires, feeling your desires, envisioning your desires, you can't help but to think about them subconsciously.  

Thinking about them on a subconscious level is even more important than on a conscious level.  

The beauty is that you will still be manifesting while sleeping because your desires are deeply seeded within you. 

When you manifest with a journal a night, this will help you even more subconsciously because you'll be a sleep and the last thing that you wrote about and thought about was your dreams and desires so you can't help but to manifest them during this time too.  

Helps To Manifest Your Desires Faster

As you continue to manifest in a journal, you'll start to notice your desires manifesting much faster than before.  

This is because you are focusing your thoughts and energy into what you want and as you continue to write your desires down on a regular basis, the good energy keeps building and building while things are happening to help you get there.  It's truly like magic. 

I mean who doesn't want their desires to manifest much faster than what they were. 

If you manifest in a journal once a week that's a start, but then how about three times a week, that's even better and if you get to seven days a week, wow, you're on a roll...amazing you!

I must admit that I don't journal everyday, it honestly just depends on what's going on in my life.  But I notice that when I do stay on top of it, that things come to me much faster.  Again, kind of like magic.  

Manifest With A Journal Recap

Here's a quick recap about why you should manifest with a  journal:

  • It helps your written words to have power
  • It helps you to stay grateful
  • It helps to keep you excited about the things you desire
  • It helps you to manifest on a subconscious level
  • It helps you to manifest faster

I hope these tips have helped and will continue to help you on your manifesting journey.  You got this Sis. 

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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