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Manifesting on a Full Moon - 4 Easy Rituals 

Full Moon ritual

What are your thoughts on manifesting on a Full Moon?  Do you think that it is kind of weird...haha. 

Well, I certainly have manifested on a Full Moon, and I must say that is a lot of fun. 

I have to admit that I do not always do it because I forget, even though I have the moon tracker...oh well.  What can I say, I'm human.  But when something jogs me to remember, it feels extra special.   

Instead of just writing my intentions in my journal during our past full moon, I also did some other rituals that made it quite special.  I discovered these rituals through the moonly app that I absolutely love to use.  

 Write in a Journal 

One way that I manifest on a full moon is to simply write my intentions in my journal.  I label it manifesting time! 

I write my sentences in the present tense as though they have already manifested.  It is as though I am already living it. 

As I write my intentions, I envision myself already having the things that I desire.  It is truly a wonderful feeling.  I simply feel the great energy coursing through my body, and I revel in knowing that it is already done - that all of the things that I desire are already written and it is just a matter of me seeing them through.  

I also wrote down 3 things on a piece of paper that I desire to have.  After writing them down, I placed the paper in the Moon light and then the next day put it in a hidden place. 

According to the Moonly app which I absolutely love, I should receive it once those things come true.  

Charge Personal Items Under the Full Moon to Gain Energy

Charging personal items under the full moon is something new that I tried.  

I placed some of my personal effects under the full moon so that they would get all of the good. magical energy radiating from the moon.  

First, I found a good location in our home where the moonlight comes in and then I placed a few of my items there.  A window sill typically works just fine but in my situation, it was just not large enough.  

I then collected some of my items like my Tiger's eye ring and lava bead bracelet as well as my Tiger's eye crystal and placed them under the moonlight over night.

I retrieved them the next day and thank the Moon for giving my items good energy.  

I had my daughter charge her Tiger's eye heart crystal too.  It was a beautiful moment. 

The purpose of charging personal items is so that your items can pass on the magical energy from the Full Moon to you in order to help you manifest the things that you want in your life.  

Charge a Coin Under the Full Moon to Increase Wealth  

I had to jump on charging a coin under the full moon. 😊

I took a quarter from my wallet, placed it in the palm of my hand, and then went outside to allow the moonlight to shine down on it.  

The bright light from the moon allows the quarter to absorb all of the wonderful energy from it.  

After I stood for about a minute, I thanked the moon and returned the quarter to my purse.  I put it in an area that I would not touch until the next moon.

According to the Moonly app, it should stay in your purse or wallet until the next new moon.  

Another fun money ritual I tried entailed me taking another quarter (it does not have to be a quarter, this is just what I chose) and placing it in a cup of water.  I let it stay there overnight.  I actually forgot to take it out of the water the next day but remembered a few days later and then placed the quarter in my purse along with the other quarter. 

So fun manifesting money and great energy too! 

Charge Water Under the Full Moon 

According to the Moonly app, if you take a swim in the lake (you can keep your clothes on 🤣), your whole body will absorb the feminine energy from the Moon light.  It sounds so I right?

But, if you have no desire to swim in the lake, you can still reap the benefits of absorbing feminine energy by placing a bottle of water under the Full Moonlight and then the next time you take a bath, you'll have some Moon water to bathe in.

I did this ritual as well and looking forward to absorbing that beautiful feminine energy from the Moon.  

Another ritual is to place a glass of water under the Full Moon and then the next morning (on an empty stomach) sip on it.  While sipping on it, thank the Full Moon for all of the bright energy that you're filling up with.  I actually did this one and it was a nice experience.  

Recap Manifesting on A Full Moon

Whether you try these manifesting on a full moon rituals or not, it's truly about coming up with rituals that help you align and gives you the energy to manifest your heart's desire.  

When doing rituals, keep an open heart and mind.  Be in a free flowing state and know that everything that Universe has to offer you is there to make your dreams come true. 

  • Write your intentions in your journal.  
  • Write three desires on a piece a paper and hide until it they come true.
  • Charge your personal items to have them absorb Full Moon energy.
  • Bathe in Full Moon water to absorb feminine energy.
  • Drink Moon Water to fill up with bright energy.

Remember that this should be fun and free flowing.  If it's not, take a step back, reassess and make some changes so that you are approaching everything with good energy, good fun and good vibes.  

Happy Manifesting! 😊 


The last full moon I manifested for more abundance and money to flow into our lives and what do you know, a month to the date, we received a large sum of money which will go towards paying off certain bills. 

The money came from a place that I had never imagined.  Praise God and thank the Universe. The key is that I asked and was grateful prior for whatever came.  I believed that it would happen even though I didn't know how.  I also kept my ears and eyes open to cues from the Universe as well. 

I received my cue late on a Friday evening watching PBS.  How cool is that! 

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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