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The Meaning of Manifesting 

Manifesting means to wish, be intentional and then receive.

The meaning of manifesting is our thoughts, actions, energy and everything around us working together for something to materialize right in front of our eyes.  It can be something small or something big.  

It's all about what you desire.  

What Do You Desire to Manifest

Manifesting means asking yourself what you desire in life.   Truly think about what you desire.  

Not what someone else desires for your life but what YOU desire.  

Don't think about the "what ifs" either because that's going to just hinder you from really going for it.  Truly dig deep and think about the things that light a fire within you and go for those things.  

I love writing all of the things out that I desire. I keep a journal as well as a dry erase board.  They both help in reminding me what my dreams are to help me keep going.  

Focus on Intentional Manifesting 

Part of manifesting means focusing on being more intentional.

Check in with your thoughts, energy and actions on a daily basis to ensure that they are all aligned with the things that you are trying to accomplish.

When you are more focused, you'll see your goals and dreams coming to fruition much faster. 

I try to practice intentional everything...haha, parenting, speaking, etc.  When I'm intentional, I'm able to hone in and focus on everything including my energy which helps me to a accomplish my goals faster.  And all of my little goals lead to my bigger goals.  

Follow Universe Breadcrumbs

Manifesting should be fun.  It should feel like an exciting scavenger hunt where you're picking up your personal breadcrumbs and watching your beautiful life unfold.  

Every step you take big or small is helping you get to where you're trying to go,  

Try not to get frustrated when a bread crumb doesn't lead you to where you want it to go because it may be meant for you  to find another valuable bread crumb along the way. 

Get excited about finding bread crumbs and where they could lead you.  You'll know when a bread crumb feels right when it sits right with your spirit.  

My family and I recently received an amazing deal to purchase $300 Hamilton tickets for $49.  We were in orchestra seating too.  Woohoo! We had been manifesting this for about three years.  The beauty of it is that all of the bread crumbs laid out for me led me to the moment when I finally purchased them.  It was just an amazing feeling and experience that I'll always remember.  

Be Very Specific when Manifesting

Manifesting means being very specific about what you desire,  When you're specific, the Universe will be able to lead you to exactly where you want to go.  Remember to always follow the breadcrumbs.  

The jobs that I've been able to manifest were exactly what I desired.  The first job I manifested I had ask for flexible hours where I could still pick up my kids from school. 

I ended up receiving a call from a temp agency after I had paid them a visit telling me that they had the perfect job for me.  What's funny is that about a month prior, they told me that they never have jobs of what I was asking.  They were shocked to have received it but thought of me when they did.  And boom, I was hired after my interview.  

Let Go When Manifesting 

Manifesting means letting go.  It's important to let go of how you think it's suppose to happen and allowing it to happen naturally.  

I know that it's easier said than done but when you do this so much magic can happen because nothing is being forced; everything is free flowing.  

There's so many times where I had to let things go and have them occur in their own time.  It can be hard at times but so worth it.  

I remember when I booked my first commercial.  It was quite amazing.  But leading up to that moment, I had to let go of not getting there sooner while also letting go to how I thought it was suppose to look.  When we let go and embrace what is, everything falls into place very nicely.  

I think the most important thing is to give yourself grace throughout it all.  

Meaning of Manifesting Recap

Here's a quick recap of the meaning of manifesting.  Please let me know which one is your favorite.

  • ASK yourself what you want
  • When asking the Universe, be specific
  • Focus on being intentional
  • Follow bread crumbs that the Universe lays out for you
  • Let Go how you think you it should happen

I hope these have helped you and will continue to help on your manifesting journey.  

Remember that everything that you are seeking is seeking you so never give up on seeking the things that you desire. 

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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