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Mother's Day Gift Ideas 

Mother’s day is fast approaching.  Have you decided what you are going to get Mom this year?  It can be so hard especially when it comes to someone who has essentially everything so I’m here to share some ideas all available on Amazon.  And if you have Prime, they will get there just in time for Mom’s special day. 

These items are great for any occasion too! 

Stud earrings 

These are the cutest earrings.  I love dangling earrings but also love a good stud.  This gives you so many different ones and they come with back extras which is a plus.

The comfy 

I discovered this comfortable wearable on Amazon and simply fell in love.  Everyone in my family did too…lol.  I think it’s the perfect gift for Mom who loves to be cozy all year long like I do. 

Cute dresses 

I found these cute dresses on Amazon and just had to have them.  They are both cost affordable too which is a huge win.  They are perfect for the spring as well as the fall.  

Skin care goodies 

  • Roc Vitamin C serum 
  • Cetaphil Eye cream
  • Jade roller 

ooo…so this is a nice one.  Why not gift mom a beautiful basket of goodies to add to her self care.  I mean who would not love that.  

Bathing suit 

This received over 10,000 likes and flatters all sizes which is a win.  I purchased one in my fave color green.  I received a ton of compliments too! 

I hope this Mother's day gift idea list helps.  It's a great list for birthdays too! 

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