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Picking Up Pennies Meaning and Why You Should Be Picking Them Up

Picking Up Pennies

First of all, Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served or are currently serving. The hubs and I are both Veterans and I salute you and all that you have done for our country.  

So, what is exactly behind the picking up pennies meaning anyway?  Well, I'm here to shed some good ole light.  

Is picking up pennies your thing or nah?  Many people think that pennies are just worthless.  They think why even bother picking one up if you see one since they are only worth 1 cent. 

What is 1 cent going to do they may think but I am here to let you know the next time you see a pillow on the ground, you should definitely pick it up. 

I have been picking up pennies from years and will not be stopping anytime soon.  I would also see my Mom pick up pennies too and I am pretty sure I got it from her but as I read more about picking up pennies the more I knew I had to keep doing it.  

What is Behind the Picking Up Pennies Meaning? 

If you find a penny on the ground, it means that the Universe is sending you good luck and good fortune.  Yes indeed and don't we all want that.  Yes, we do! 

Instead of looking at it as just being a penny, look at it as the Universe sending money your way.  Any money that come across us, regardless of how much money it is, is a gift from the Universe.  And money is money regardless of how much it is.  Am I right?  

It is truly a way the Universe is saying here you go.  Here is some free money for you..  And don't we all want free money.  I certainly do! 

Why You Should Pick Up Pennies? 

If you're not picking up pennies, you may want to rethink that and start picking them up pronto especially the next time one crosses your path.

Girlfriend, every time I see a penny and able to pick it up, I go it  because remember money is money, regardless of what it is.  And who doesn't want free money.  

In addition to being free money, picking up pennies sends a message to the Universe that you are welcoming this blessing into your life and would like to be blessed again and again with more free money.  And again, who wouldn't want to be blessed with free money! 

What Should You Say When You're Picking Up Pennies?  

Anytime you pick up a penny or any money for that you matter, you should thank the Universe and revel in your findings. 

Always say to yourself, "Thank you Universe for this blessing" to let the Universe know that you are grateful for the money that you have found.  When you make it know that you are thankful, the Universe will always bless you with more.

Also, shout out, "I am a money magnet!"  When you state this affirmation, money will always be attracted to you and that is what you want.  

I remember reading this in one of my books and it just stuck.  Now, I say each time I find money.  

How Picking Up Pennies Will Lead to Picking Up Dollars?

Anytime you pick up pennies, always, always remember that you are not just picking up pennies but you are picking up money that is being attracted to YOU.

When you can switch your thinking into an abundance thinking versus a lack thinking, you will see pennies in a completely different light.  

When you continue to pick up pennies off the ground, other money can't help but be attracted to you and will ultimately flow to you.  You'll ultimately find yourself picking up nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars and not just off the ground but in many different ways that you never expected.  And who doesn't want that.  Am I right?  

So keep picking up pennies so that the Universe will send you some major coins aka dollars...haha! 

That Time We Received Unclaimed Funds - Say What Now

So there was that time that we had unclaimed funds - say what!?!  We were soo surprised.  

The hubs thought it was a joke when I told him but I was like nope this is legit especially since the letter came from our bank.  

It was such a nice, unexpected surprise!  And the crazy thing about the letter was that it was in a stack of mail that I had delayed opening.  The deadline was coming up soon too to contact the bank. We did and voila...there was the money! Woohoo!  

They would have still honored it after the deadline but it would have been more work and additional forms to access the funds. 

I thanked, hugged and rejoiced the Universe and praised God for our unexpected blessings.  The same happiness and joy as when I picked up all of those pennies.  

Let's Recap Picking Up Pennies

The next time you decide to walk pass a penny without picking it up, always remember the picking up pennies meaning while also pondering these:

  • The Universe is sending good fortune and free money your way 
  • Remember pennies are money regardless of the value
  • The more pennies you pick up and thank the Universe for, the more the Universe will send your way
  • Every time you pick a penny, you can proclaim that you are a money magnet....and YOU are. 

I hope this brings you good fortune and that the meaning of picking of pennies has changed your view for the better.  Look at them as apart of your abundance instead of apart of your lack and see money continue to be attracted to you.

Read more Awakening State about what it means to pick up a shiny penny. 

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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