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50+ Positive Affirmations for Women That Will Inspire You and Push You Forward 

Do you love a good affirmation? I absolutely love them and I'm sharing my favorite positive affirmations for women that will inspire and push you where you need to go.  

Affirmations are statements that are affirming how you will show up in this world. And the beauty of them is that you  make these statements when your dream/goal hasn't materialized yet so that you can help them materialize.  This is why words are sooo powerful and you should always be careful what you say about yourself, your spouse, your kids, etc.  

Affirmations have truly help me when I'm in the process of intentionally manifesting and simply in everyday life.  They are fun and you can truly make up any combination based on your situation and circumstance.  

I feel that they are under utilized and could really help when getting over the humps of life while also trying to reach your dreams and goals. 

I'm so excited to share these positive affirmations for women and I hope that you find them useful. As you read them, think of some that you can cater to what you are trying to achieve.  Have fun!    

Self Love Affirmations for Women

1. I am beautiful.

2. I have a beautiful mind, body and soul.

3. I am love.

4. I am at peace.

5. I am what God made me to be.

6. I am light source in this world.

7. I have everything that I need to be successful.

8. I love myself unconditionally. 

Love Affirmations for Women 

9. I am loved.

10 Love is attracted to me.

11. I love myself.

12. I love life.

13. I have love for so many people.

14. I have a loving partner.

15. I am in love. 

16. Love is light. 

Work Affirmations for Women

17. I have an awesome job that I love. 

18. I am making power moves.

19. I am successful at work.

20. I am successful at running my business.

21. I am a Boss Babe.

22. My promotion is coming.

23. My new job is on its way.

24. I am thankful for my job.

25. I am excited for my new opportunities. 

Parenting Affirmations for Women

26. I am a great parent.

27. I am a loving parent.

28. I am doing my best.

29. I have a beautiful family. 

30. I am doing a great job as a parent.

31. I have wonderful kids.

32. I have loving kids. 

More Positive Affirmations for Women

33. I am powerful.

34. I am always in the right place at the right time.

35. I attract good things in my life.

36. I am successful at everything that I do.

37. The Universe has my back.

38. I am the creator of my life.

39. Everything that I want will be mine.

40. I am blessed.

41. My blessings are coming.

42. I have joy.

42. I am happy.

43. God/the Universe is always working on my behalf.

44. I am great at what I do.

45. Everything that I'm seeking is seeking me.

46. I am special.

47. I have God given gifts and talents.

48. I have an amazing life.

49. I can do anything.

50. I am going to fulfill my dreams.

51. I am talented.

52. I am a masterpiece.

53. I am fierce.

54. I am a bada$$.

55. I am making power moves for my future.

56. I have a bright future ahead.

57. I am making my dreams come true.

58. I am safe and protected. 

Positive Affirmations for Women Recap

I hope that you enjoyed reading these affirmations for Women.  I feel that they are an important part of the process when reaching your goals.  

I have attained so much by using these everyday.  My new job, promotion, acting gigs, peace, love, joy, etc. They are truly apart of my everyday being. 


  • Recite them everyday. As many as you want.
  • Always begin with I am or I have.
  • Recite them will feeling and gratitude
  • Write them in your journal
  • If you're in the process of attaining any of these, recite them as though you already have them.  Stay in that good positive vibes space.

So which is your favorite? Which will you begin to use?

Remember that you can change them up as need be based on what you're trying to achieve in your life.  And if you know someone who would benefit too, please share. 

If you're looking for some other wonderful affirmations for Women, check out HappierHuman for an extra dose that we can all use.  

And if you think of any, please comment below. 

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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