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Tips on Manifesting Money Quickly 

raining money

Who doesn't want to manifest money and manifest it quickly.  If you landed here on my blog, you are probably wanting to learn how to do just that.  

So I'm going to share tips on manifesting money quickly that you probably never considered.  So go grab your tea or wine or whatever it is you drink and come back to listen to me spill the tea.  

Respect The Money You Already Have 

In order to manifest money quickly, it is sooo important to respect what you already have.  Yes, yes!  This is so key and so many people miss this important factor.

Some think, okay if I manifest more money, then I don't have to worry about focusing on what I already have but that is far from the truth.

The more you focus on the money that you already have by ensuring that you are making wise spending choices, the more that money will be attracted to you.  

So as soon as you begin to become more intentional about your spending, the faster you will be able to manifest more.  You may have to cutback on expenses and stop certain subscriptions that you really do not need.  Look at your monthly expenses to determine which expenses can absolutely go.  

I've been reminding our teen of this often especially with him having his first job this past summer.  

When you respect money, the Universe will pick up on this and will want to bless you with more.  To respect money try these things:

  • Be excited about paying your bills each month
  • Cut back on expenses that you do not need
  • Have a weekly budget to keep you on track
  • Set up a fun cash fund each month for eating out, movies, etc. so you don't dip into your main spending for bills
  • Start savings and retirement accounts to prepare for the future

Change Your Energy About Money

In order to attract and manifest money into your life quickly, you will need to change your energy towards money.  

If you feel as though there is not enough money to go around and that money is a scaricity for you, then it will be just that.

But if you feel that money is attracted to you, there's more than enough to go around and that abundance follows you, then that will be the case too.  

You get to choose your energy and once you choose your energy, things will begin to shift for you.  

To shift your energy, get excited about money and the possibilities even if your present situation seems hopeless.  Imagine how your life will be once you have the money you desire, be specific.  Here are some other things you can do:

  • Print out a money tree so that you can envision money flowing into your life everyday.
  • Write a huge check to yourself from the Universe and place it in your wallet
  • Say money affirmations everyday 
  • Get excited about making better decisions when it comes to money
  • Affirm specifically what you want on a full moon
  • Praise God and Thank the Universe for the money in your life and what's to come
  • Speak kind words over self about money during your growing process.  Don't ever be negative even when you make a mistake.  
  • Use Crystals to help your energy 
  • Gift when you can but gift often.  When you give, it comes right back but the key is to not feel that you are losing money when you give.  It's important to give from your heart and to give feeling that you know the Universe will bless you with even more.  
money tree with coins

Start a Side Hustle Gig

While you are focusing on the money that you already have, start a side gig to to bring in some extra moolah. 

Continue to be intentional about your spending while growing a nice side nest egg.  There's plenty of side jobs that you can choose from:

  • Blogging
  • Secret shopper
  • Influencer
  • Transcriptionist 
  • Dog Walker, etc. etc.

The key is to find something that you love to do or something that interest you enough to start a side gig.  And the cool thing is that you could potentially turn your side gig into your main gig. There's so many success stories of people who have done just that.

Admire Others Who Have Money

The sooner you begin to appreciate others who have wealth and money, the sooner that you will begin to attract money yourself.

Remember, everything involves energy and money is no different.  If you look at someone who has money and you have negative things to say about it, then those negative connotations will attach to you preventing you from attracting money.  This will also create negative energy around you when it comes to money. 

However, if you feel intrigued, curious and happy for that individual, you will create positive energy and can't help but to attract money and ways to make it too.  

Sell Your Items To Make Money 

Do you have any items that you are no longer using and just taking up space.  Think about selling them on places like:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Ebay
  • Craigslist 
  • Poshmark, etc. 

This can be a great way to earn some moolah fast.  Once you sell your item, be smart about what you do with it.  Think about the things that you need to do versus the things that you want to come to a better decision.

Always, always practice extreme precaution when meeting others too.  

We have sold a ton of items and was able to make some extra cash which is always nice.  

Wear Green to Attract Money 

So my favorite color is green and what is the color of of course! 

Start wearing green often.  Find some cute shirts, sweaters, hats, etc. that you can wear.  Feel good about wearing the color and get excited about attracting money into your life.

Again, it's all about energy.  And the better you feel, the better the energy.  

Play Sweepstakes to Win Money 

How about playing sweepstakes.  Well, why not?  There's ton of free ones out there and it doesn't hurt to enter.  It just takes a little bit of your time.  

You can even enter twice on some of them.  The key is to have fun entering and imagine yourself getting a call or email that you won.  Woohoo! 

If you begin entering but feel that it will not work for you, then you're creating negative energy so don't bother doing it.  What you feel is what you attract so it's important to have a feeling of abundance, excitement and hope when entering.  

Be cautious when entering though and be sure that you find reputable ones like:

Have fun and good luck! 

Pray and Meditate to Manifest Money 

Praise God, Thank the Universe, Meditate on it and repeat! 

Stay prayed up to God and always thank The Universe for what you have and what's to come.  Be excited about the things that are happening in your life even when you don't have all of the answers and even when you still make mistakes.  And view mistakes as life lessons that will help you to continue to press forward.  

Be grateful and bursting with excitement for the money that's coming.  If you are not excited, then how will the Universe align energetically with you.  

Meditate about how much money you want to flow into your life and envision yourself receiving it.  How do you feel when you receive it and stay in the state of gratitude until you actually receive it.  

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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