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What Are Angel Numbers and How They Help Guide You

Angel Number 1111

I am sure you are wondering exactly what Angel numbers are.  So, I learned about Angel numbers probably a couple of years ago.  I have always loved numbers but started to pay close attention to the numbers that were in a repeated sequence.  

I don't even remember what prompted me to look those numbers up but I did and I have been in love with learning about them ever since.  ♥️ 

So how can angel numbers help you? I'll share some tips and experiences on just how they'll help guide you and give you the confirmation that you need.  

What Are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are numbers that show up randomly in a sequential repeating pattern with 3 or 4 numbers like 1111, 222, 3333 that are meant just for you.  Each set of numbers have a special meaning behind them sent from the Universe to help guide us on our journey of life.  

You may notice them on a clock, a sign, a receipt, a license plate's, etc.,etc. At first you may think seeing those numbers are just sheer coincidence but after reading my thoughts, you may just think otherwise.  

How Can Angel Numbers Help Guide Me?

Once you are in tune to seeing Angel numbers, you can start taking sweet advantage of using them to your benefit.

When you begin to notice them, start looking into what the number sequences mean. 

There's a number of things those numbers could mean.  They could mean it's time to start that thing that you've been thinking about, they could mean it's time to slow down, they could mean keep going because you're almost there, they could mean change is coming, so on and so forth.  Woman's Day provides great insight on what they mean.

When you see your numbers appear, write down or type in your phone, what you were doing, thinking and and/or feeling.  

And then after discovering the message behind your angel numbers, in addition to what you were doing, thinking and feeling, look at your current life or any situations that you may be dealing with to see how they can be used to help and guide you to a better solution or outcome.  

The answers are always there for us.  The Universe is always guiding us and Angel numbers are just another beautiful example of that.  

The Magic of Angel Numbers 11:11

I am pretty sure 111 or 1111 is probably the most familiar of all of the Angel numbers and the most talked about.  

Each time I see 111 or 1111, whether it's on a clock, a receipt, my watch, on a just gives me the warm and fuzzies.  

111 or 1111 means that things are in alignment.  It means that everything that you have been working on will be manifested.  It means that all is well and you are on the right track.  I mean isn't that the best feeling ever knowing that.  

Each time I see these numbers, I also try to state additional intentions while also thanking the Universe for my current blessings along with my blessings to come.  It is very grounding and also fun.  

What Is My Exact Angel Number?  

It is really not a matter of having an exact Angel number but more of a matter of which numbers you feel more connected to or which numbers show up more often in your life.  

And you may feel more connected to one set of numbers during a certain period of time versus others.  It's really a matter of just tuning into your energy and going towards what feels right for you.  

There's no right or wrong answer.  

Lately, I see 1111 and 4444 quite often so I guess I would consider these my numbers for now but that could very well change based on my life and things that I want to accomplish.  

Different websites have different meanings of what the Angel numbers mean and I love reading all of them.  I feel the message that I receive is the message that was meant for me at that time.  

What Should I Do When I See Angel Numbers?

When you begin to notice the same Angel numbers pop up, get excited about it because this means that you are connecting more to the Universe and this is such a wonderful thing.  

Take note of what you were doing at the time as well as your energy when you see Angel numbers.  Doing this could help you with your journey and be exactly what you need to get to the next level of your life. 

Additionally, thank the Universe for giving you guidance and for continuing to show you that you are not alone in this journey that we call life.  

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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