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What is Manifesting?

What is manifesting one may ask and can it easily be practiced everyday?  

Manifesting is our thoughts, energy, actions and faith all coming together to create an outcome.  That outcome can either be positive or negative but the beautiful thing is that we as individuals get to choose.  

So whether we believe it or not, we are already manifesting.  Yep that is right.  We already manifesting everyday whether we think so or not.  The key is to become intentional about what we want.  

I've been manifesting for many years now but really didn't realize what it was until I read the book, The Secret.  It was such an eye opening experience.

Our thoughts to Manifest

Our thoughts play a major role when it comes to manifesting.  It's important to be intentional when it comes to thoughts that we have everyday.  

Sure it may take some work to break the habit of having self sabotaging thoughts but what is the alternative.  

We are worth taking the time to fill our minds with thoughts that will propel us and uplift us.  

Our Energy to Manifest 

Our energy is another huge component when it comes to manifesting.  If we walk around with negative attitudes and we're not happy for others, the Universe will pick up on this energy.  

It is important to walk around with positivity with the feeling of good things always happens to me while also being happy for others.  The Universe will pick up on this energy and will send more things on the same energy wave your way.  The more that you're happy for someone, the more you will receive blessings your way.    

In life, unfortunate things do happen but if we stay in the space of everything will work out then everything will.  

Our Actions to Manifest 

The biggest thing that I think people forget is to put action behind their thoughts and energy.  With inaction, there cannot be a favorable outcome that you desire.  

So think about the things that you can do to get to where you are trying to go.  This can look like applying for job and/or going on an interview.

A tip too is to continue to take those actions even when you don't see anything happening.  The more action you'll take, the more you'll get closer to your desired goal.  

Always take Action! 

Our Faith to Manifest

Faith, faith, faith!  Just have faith.  If you do not have faith in yourself, then it will be really hard to manifest.  

Everything starts with you and you must believe that you have everything that you need to make a way for yourself.  God has already given us everything we need.  

And just because it hasn't happened yet...I don't care if it has been 20 doesn't matter.  As long as you still have that desire, you can still do it.  Anything is absolutely possible! You can do it. 

What is Manifesting Recap

So ponder these three things when it comes to manifesting:

  1. Whatever we think, we become.  So the more we think about something, the possibility for it to come true is very high.
  2. The Universe picks up on our energy vibrations whether they are are positive or negative, so choose to be positive.  
  3. Nothing can happen if we do not put action behind it. 
  4. Things cannot happen without our faith to see it through.

You got this!  The Universe has your back. 

And now when someone ask, "What is manifesting", you'll know exactly what it is and be able to explain.  Woohoo! 

Have faith in yourself because you can do anything.  Oh and have fun!  Yes, it should be fun and effortless.  

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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