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7 Vision Board Ideas for Adults to Visualize and Manifest Your Goals

Vision Board Ideas

Vision Board Ideas for Adults 

What way to best visualize your goals and heart's desire than to make an amazingly cool vision board.  A board dedicated just for you that will highlight the things that you want to accomplish in your life.  And the cool thing is that you can have more than one depending what your interests are. 

With these vision board ideas for adults you can't help but to manifest your goals because you'll be looking at them while envisioning the life that you truly want.  

1. Capture Pictures 

One fun vision board idea for adults is to capture pictures.  What are you envisioning for your life? What do you desire?  What does those things look like to you?  And when you're envisioning those things, the key is to be very specific. 

Now go search for those pictures that you want to highlight on your vision board that will bring what you have in your mind to life.  

The sky is the limit to where you can find these pictures.  You can look through old magazines and newspapers.  You can search online.  You can easily find pictures on various websites. 

You can even find pictures in your phone or snap some new ones.  And again the more specific you are, the better.  If you desire to have a red car, don't just stop there.  What brand and model is that red car.  Once you determine that, go find a picture of that car and print it out.  

What about your apartment, condo or house you desire to move into.  What does it look?  Where is it located?  Now go on a hunt to find that picture that will capture just that and cut it out.  Have fun with it.  

2. Find Powerful Words

Find inspiring, uplifting words that will lift you up and motivate you each time you read them.

Search for words that will help you when you're hitting a wall or when you feel as though nothing is working.  Find those words that will give you that boost that you need and that will keep you in the game.  

You can find words from different places like magazines and newspapers.  Once you find them, cut them out.  

And the beauty of it all is that there is no limit of how many words you choose.  It's all about you and what you're feeling. 

I love affirmations and use them regularly.  I find that they help keep me in tune and in alignment of what I'm trying to achieve.  

3. Draw It Out 

How about this vision board idea for adults of drawing it out? Absolutely!  It's a great way to capture your heart's desire and all you need are pen and paper.

Simply have fun drawing the things that you envision for your life.  If it's money you desire, then draw your very own money tree. 

If it's a loving relationship that you want, then draw yourself in love.  If you want a huge house with a beautiful lush green lawn, then draw that as well.  Use crayons and markers. Just have fun with it.  

4. Categorize Your Visions

If you have different things that you want to manifest and don't want to be overwhelmed by having just one board, why not categorize and have more than one board. 

If you're wanting to travel more, you can have a board that strictly has all of the places that you would like to visit.  If you're looking to increase your finances, you can create a board that has many ways you'll receive your flow of income. 

If you're a model and want to work with certain brands, you can have a board dedicated to all of the brands you would like to work with. 

I mean the sky is the limit! 

5. Use Fun Objects

If you prefer to have a vision board with a bit of a different feel from just pictures and words, find objects around your home that inspires you to do that thing you desire. 

If you don't have anything at home, visit a thrift store to find trinkets and items that you can use.  Have fun with it! 

Think about a place you would like to visit and find objects relating to that place.  If you find it difficult to hot glue your items to a board, you can always opt for a vision box.  

If these options do not work, you can also opt for a cork board.  You would just need to buy some push pins and maybe some heavy due to string to hang your objects on the board.  

6. Write it Out 

If you don't care for finding pictures, cutting things out or searching for objects, no worries at all, simply write your desires out but instead of just writing them in your journal, write them down on a poster board or a dry erase board. 

When you write them down on these, you will be able to display it somewhere so that you can look at it everyday.  It's about getting excited for the things that you have written down and taking them in everyday to dream and reflect. 

I use a dry erase board as well as a regular board for pasting pictures and love both.  It's truly about what floats your boat! 

7. Use Your Fave Quotes 

How about putting some of your favorite quotes on your vision board?  And if you don't have any currently, simple google inspiring quotes.

Once you come up with some really nice ones, either print them out and paste them or write them on your dry erase board.  

I love reading quotes.  Whenever I need a boost, reading uplifting inspiring quotes is something that definitely does the trick.

Vision Board Ideas for Adults Recap

Let's recap these ideas for adults

  1. Capture pictures
  2. Find powerful words
  3. Draw it out
  4. Categorize Your Visions
  5. Use Fun Objects
  6. Write it Out
  7. Use Your Favorite Quotes

Now, which one will you use? All, some or one?  Please do tell. 

Looking for more board ideas, visit Life Hack for more tips. 

I hope this has resonated with you.  If it has, please be sure to leave a comment and don't forget to share ☺️
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