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How to Manifest Love In The Most Beautiful Way With These 5 Tips

How to manifest love is something that many people have the desire to do because we all want love and to be loved, am I right?

The first thing to remember is that it all starts with YOU.  

I'm sharing 5 aha tips that will have you manifesting the most beautiful love and then some.  

1. Love Yourself to Manifest Love

This how to manifest love tip had to be the first because it truly begins with YOU.  

You have to love yourself and fall in love with yourself everyday first before you attract more love to you.  

So what does loving yourself look like?

Ask yourself what things are you saying about yourself everyday.  Are you speaking positive words and words of abundance over yourself? Or are they words of lack and negativity?

Who are you hanging around and listening to everyday?  Who is taking up your precious head space?  

How to Manifest Love with Self Love 

Think about the things that you want to do to make yourself a better person. Are you following through or coming up with reasons of why you can't do them?

When you can begin to love yourself unconditionally, then can't help but to attract that unconditionally love towards you. And loving yourself unconditionally means focusing on your happiness, your peace, your well being, all of the things you need in order to fill your cup and be whole spiritually.

Wake up every morning thanking God for making YOU and say girlfriend, I LOVE YOU! YOU ROCK! YOU"RE A BRIGHT LIGHT. YOU'RE THE BEST!

2. Share Love to Manifest Love 

Another way to manifest love is to simply share and spread the love. Share the love that you have inside of you. And if you don't feel like you have any inside you, then it's time to look within and ask yourself the hard questions and start to heal. 

Who has hurt me or done me wrong? It's time to forgive, let go and be at peace.  Who let me down?  It's time to forgive, let go and be at peace.  What pain am I holding on to? It's time forgive, let go and be at peace.

We're all human and it's important to realize that we're all on this journey of life and some are more emotionally wounded than others.  We don't have to stay in the same space of the wounded.  Hurt people hurt people.  We can love who choose to from a distance and then let go and let God.  

Once you're in a better space and able to love yourself unconditionally, you'll have no issues sharing that love inside of you. 

You can share the love by giving someone a nice compliment with no expectations in return.  

You can buy someone their favorite candy, send someone a gift or surprise someone with their favorite beverage.  This is all a part of you giving love to someone.

And the key is to give with no expectations.  Simply give from your heart. 

3. Say I Love You to Manifest Love

This may be obvious but who do you have in your life that you can say I love you too.  

Your spouse, your child, a family member, a friend, your pet, etc. 

The more you say I love you, the more that this love is reflected back to you.  

If you do not have anyone, then start with YOU.  Tell yourself that you love you and that you're the most beautiful person in the world.  Give yourself a a big hug and love on yourself everyday.  

What about your home, your job or your car.  You can absolutely tell these things that you love them and that you're grateful for them.

I do it all of the time.  Haha! 

Or maybe a special spot in your home. A room or your backyard.  

4. Visualize & Feel to Manifest Love 

What does love look and feel like to you?  Is it warm and fuzzy?

Is it airy and fresh?  Do you feel like you're floating? 

Close your eyes and visualize the type of love that you want to manifest and stay in that space. 

Go to that space everyday until love physically shows up for you in a way that you need for your life. 

As you're visualizing love, how does it make you feel?

Stay in this feeling everyday until you manifest this type of love in your life.  

5. Watch Love to Manifest Love 

How to Manifest Love with Watching Love 

This how to manifest love tip is probably having you scratch your head. Haha! 

But yes! Watch love. 

Watch people in love.  Watch people embrace or share a kiss.  It's the most beautiful thing.  

Watch a newborn baby in his/her mother's arm and just feel the love.

Watch a dad hold his baby for the first time. amazing.

Watch love stories.

Simply watch alllll types of love. Baby love, animal love, puppy love, etc., etc. because at the end of the day Love is Love. 

Bonus Tip

Say love affirmations everyday! Here are a few

  • I am loved,
  • I am attracting love everyday.
  • I have a loving spouse (even if you don't have one yet)

Click here for more love affirmations.

How to Manifest Love Recap

I hope that you have enjoyed these how to manifest love tips and that they help you manifest the love that you deserve and desire.  

It's possible to manifest the love that you want even if you don't see how it can happen.  Follow these tips and continue to believe that you deserve it.  

I manifested my marriage with my high school sweetheart.  We have been married for 19 years yall!  Next year will be 20...woohoo! We've been together for a total of 26 years...Wow, now that's love. And from our relationship, we have manifested a loving family with two teenagers.  It's sooo possible and never too late.  Read on how to manifest love on

My relationship with a close family member has been restored by continuing to show love even when not reciprocated because again its about giving love with no expectations. 

Remember to:

  • Love yourself 
  • Share Love
  • Say I Love You
  • Visualize and Feel Love
  • Watch People and Stories that show Love

You got this hun! 

If this has resonated with you, comment below and share :)

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